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Just Say No: A God-fearing approach to California’s Proposition 8


Civil marriage is about that, civil marriage, it has nothing to do with your religion!

In fact, marriage is NOT even traditional to Christianity, it is traditional to Pagan law [civil law], and marriage contracts have been, ever since, for the purpose of proving property rights and heirs. Religion didn’t adopt the practice until around the 8th century, much like religion adopted the Solstice Celebration and call it Christmas or the adoption of the Fertility Celebration and call it Easter.

Religious marriage is between those people and their ‘god’, not the rest of us, and definitely not to those of us who practice other loving faiths.

It’s just another bigoted attempt to legislate hate and bigotry targeting a group of people in favor of Christianity. What next, more prison camps for those who refuse to comply?


Just Say No: A God-fearing approach to California’s Proposition 8
I no more believe that marriage should be only between a man and a woman than I believe the world is flat.
It’s definitely not, even if you live in hilly parts of San Francisco’s Sunset District.

But try telling that to the supporters of California’s Proposition 8, the last-gasp attempt to codify a discriminatory definition of marriage into the California Constitution.

The Prop 8 folks insist on their limited worldview and want to memorialize their bigotry by making it state law.

It’s the kind of proposition slaveholders would have circulated after the Emancipation Proclamation. Won’t you please reconsider slavery?

Prop 8 is what I call the “recourse for sore losers.” The California Supreme Court already ruled in May that any law that would narrowly define marriage as between a man and a woman was an unconstitutional violation of the Equal Protection Clause. That should have ended it. But the Prop 8 folks are trying an end run on both the Constitution and the Supreme Court with this last plea for exclusion.

Nikkei Vote No on 8 Vote No on Bigotry

Nikkei Vote No on 8 Vote No on Bigotry


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