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Threats email donation form: Support NO on 8

Vote No on 8

The Bigots from Yes on 8 Campaign are threatening business if they do not donate to their campaign.

This seems to be the typical norm for these alleged “conservatives” who claim to be Christian or Mormon. ARE THEY REALLY KIND AND LOVING? It’s the same tactics I see on the Presidential campaign trail on the alleged “conservative” side. They are doing all they can to tell lies about Obama and his plans for America.

Attacks are childish behaviors! What we need are people that will tell us their plans, and tell us why they are better, without resorting to childish attacks.

Obama IS telling us what he plans and why he is good for America, yet McCain is full of attacks toward Obama. I haven’t any clue what McCain will do to fix Our Country or Our Economy.

Attacks are now coming from the “yes on 8” campaign in the same manner. This is all these people have.

VOTE NO on 8 because we don’t need that kind of bigotry coming from outside or inside of California.

Threats email donation form: Support NO on 8
If lies don’t work, then maybe threats will.

That’s what the Yes on 8 campaign seems to think – they are now sending threatening letters to businesses and supporters of Equality California – warning that they will go after our donors if they don’t donate to their campaign and refrain from supporting Equality California in the future.

We will not be intimidated by their threats and we will stand with our supporters.

Make a donation today [and add your name to the EQCA website] to show the other side that we will not go back to the closet of inequality.

Nikkei Against Hate Legislation; Vote No on 8
Nikkei Against Hate Legislation;  Vote No on 8
No on 8 Yard Sign
No on 8 Stickers
Stop Bigotry in California Vote No on 8

Stop Bigotry in California Vote No on 8


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  1. […] If I remember correctly the Prop 8 people wrote letters to the donors of No on 8 Campaign, and threatened them. […]

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