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Lies, Lies and More Lies!

When I was a teenager, I heard the lies! I don’t understand why these people have to resort to lies. It’s very clear that Obama has been against Prop 8, so why would the Prop 8 backers of a certain persuasion feel the need to lie to people at the last minute about Obama? I mean the lies have been going on for a long time about what Prop 8 would do to California’s citizens, but it appears they are trying to say that it wouldn’t take away any rights when you go into forums or places like YouTube. One guy even claimed that everyone against Prop 8 were the bigots and that it would not take away any rights, how can this be?

Prop 8 would clearly take away rights! Then they try to claim religious laws, but this is a civil law matter not a religious law matter.

It also appears that they are trying to change our civil laws to suit the needs of there religion, which by no way does any service for the rest of us.

We Urge a Vote NO on 8!


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