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Ann Landers and Proposition 8

Smart girl, that Ann Landers! I like the part where she say’s to critiques that allege Gay people can change, and tells others they should give a go at being Gay! This is true, if they really think Gay people can change then surely a hetro can be Gay! Doesn’t work that way, Gay’s are born innately special.

Ann Landers and Proposition 8
It was she, the trusted friend welcomed daily into tens of millions of middle-class homes, who from early on fought for gay rights. She said homosexuality was not an illness or an aberration or that looniest of definitions, “an alternative lifestyle choice.” Rather, she was convinced homosexuality was determined by genetics and dead certain that people were hard-wired in their sexuality. And to those straight people who believed that homosexuals could be “brought around,” she always suggested that they give it a go being gay. She put her not inconsiderable clout behind the (ultimately successful) effort to get homosexuality removed from the official diagnostic manual as an “illness.”


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