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Something smells

Great editorial by San Diego City Beat! Click the link to read the full statement!

It’s so true! I don’t understand why these people are pushing Prop 8 in America of all places! Even as we have American Soldiers fighting a war that has some involvement with alleged FANATICS!

Something smells
It’s hard to imagine a campaign more despicable than John McCain’s presidential bid, what with its attempts to convince enough voters that Barack Obama is an Arab / Muslim / terrorist (as if two of those things are worthy of our fear and scorn). But, as they say, California often leads the nation, and here we’ve done the near-impossible—we’re home to one of the more malodorous dung heaps in recent history: the Yes on Prop. 8 campaign.

You’ve probably seen the TV commercial with the sweet, impressionable little girl running excitedly into the kitchen to tell her mother what she learned in school: “A prince can marry a prince, and I can marry a princess!” Mom is horror-stricken at first, then dumbfounded, as law professor Richard Peterson of Pepperdine University (which, by the way, is almost puritanical in its religious orthodoxy) enters the picture to scare the blood right out of the faces of Californians who don’t realize or can’t accept that they have gay friends, relatives and colleagues. Peterson tells us, essentially, that unless we pass Prop. 8, those unmoored perverts from the California Teachers Association will be teaching Johnny how to fall in love with and marry Jimmy.

The message from the Yes on 8 campaign couldn’t be more overt: Our innocent, sponge-like children must be protected from the depravity of homosexuality. Taken together with the Yes on Prop. 4 anti-abortion campaign, the religious right’s strategy is clear: When all else fails, rant hysterically about the slobbering sex fiends who are coming for the children.


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  1. Allow me to share a comment left on my blog:

    “I have noticed that those opposed to Prop 8 think it is a “claim that should this proposition be defeated, gay marriage will be taught in public schools.”

    I can attest to you that as a credentialed K-8 CA Public School Teacher with a Masters degree in teaching that should this proposition fail, gay marriage will most definately seep its way into the curriculum.

    Of course you would not have been taught about gay marriage while you were in school because at that time it was not adopted as part of the State Framework and Standards. The CA State Education Standards are constantly being revised (the most recent adoption occuring in 2005) and I can assure you that it is only a matter of time before homosexual marriage will become a thread in the history-social-science curriculum.

    Currently the Second grade history-social science standards include Standard 2.1, which is a lengthy, unit long study on the Family- Past, Present, and Future.

    When MA legalized gay marriage why do you think students in the primary grades were read a book about two princes getting married? It is because it became part of the curriculum and thus the teachers were expected to teach to these curriculum standards. This being one way to do it- through the use of a fairy tale.”

    Our children will be taught about this stuff at school. That is wrong. That is a right that should be reserved for parents and parents only.

    Yes on 8, No on Hate.

    Comment by Jesse | November 2, 2008 | Reply

  2. @Jesse, if that is true, then you change the school curriculum. You never change the constitution to suite religious nor should I or my family be governed by religion not of my choosing.

    Parents have always had a say in school curriculum, if their is a problem with that, then they take it up with the school. I have no problem with kids being taught to respect the differences of people, but that is just my opinion. I choose not to teach my children that hate is this causing on Homosexual families.

    Prop 8 is hate and discrimination because it takes away the right of a loving couple who share a life, and need a civil marriage to hold it together legally. The Civil Law is for the purpose of proving property rights and heirs. Civil Laws and Religious Laws are separate. They need to stop trying to restructure our civil laws to suit their needs.

    What’s wrong with reading a book about two princess getting married? I don’t see a problem with that?

    As a person in the Nursing field, I can assure you that the nature of being a homosexual is innate, and if children are homosexual, they are homosexual, you can’t change that. If they are not homosexual, then they are not homosexual their is no way to covert them. Those are falsity’s brought about by religion. I’ve seen children grow up in Gay households, and I’ve seen Children grow up in other households, they grow up the same. There is no such thing as conversion, that theory is seriously flawed.

    Prop 8 isn’t even about that, it’s about taking away rights of people to have a secure loving home under the constitution and our civil laws.

    Aside from that the California Teachers Association [NOT MA!] has already told us that it’s not being forced on anyone. That is a fear tactic, and fear tactics are typical practices of the Church.

    I truly feel sorry for the parents backing such a ban because they will have children who are Gay!

    Prop 8 would only take peoples rights away, it has nothing to do with conversions or schools. It’s just another religious tactic!

    TO MANY UNBIASED PROFESSIONALS HAVE SPOKE OUT AGAINST PROP 8! When I say unbiased I’m talking about religious backers or religious interference. That is especially my issue with them trying to restructure OUR constitution! We have American’s fighting a war as a direct result of alleged “fanatics” targeting America, and we do not need fanatics inside trying to destroy our constitutions. WE LIVE IN AMERICA AND IT’S NOT A THEOCRACY!

    Sex Education:
    If you only watched TV ads, you might think Proposition 8 had something to do with sex education in public schools. It doesn’t. It says nothing about education. See: http://www.sacbee.com/110/story/1351698.html

    300 Pediatricians
    The NO on Prop 8 campaign today released a statement signed by more than 300 leading California pediatricians announcing their joint opposition to Prop 8 and concluding that the physician who signed the Prop 8 ballot statement, Jane Anderson, MD, in no way represents the majority of pediatricians on this issue. The pediatrician statement took issue with Dr. Anderson, who identifies herself as a Fellow of the American College of Pediatricians. According to that organization’s Web site, the American College of Pediatricians believes homosexuality is “preventable and changeable” and that “spanking can be an effective component of discipline.” See: http://www.acpeds.org

    The pediatrician’s full statement against Prop 8 reads as follows:

    “As pediatricians who care for children and families of California, we are writing to publicly deny any implication from the recently mailed “2008 California Voter” Guide that pediatricians support Prop 8. In the Guide, a rebuttal to the argument against Proposition 8 is signed by a pediatrician who is self-identified as a Fellow of the American College of Pediatricians (ACPeds). We wish to clarify that the ACPeds is an organization that does not in any way represent the majority of pediatricians’ opinions regarding this initiative.

    “The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), not the ACPeds, is the national organization with over 60,000 members that represents American pediatricians. The Board of Directors of the national office of the AAP commissioned a review of the relevant literature regarding child health in the context of same sex unions. The report was authored by a diverse panel of twelve experts from around the country and was published in the AAP’s journal Pediatrics in 2006. It concludes,

    ‘Civil marriage is a legal status that promotes healthy families by conferring a powerful set of rights, benefits, and protections that cannot be obtained by other means. Civil marriage can help foster financial and legal security, psychosocial stability, and an augmented sense of societal acceptance and support. Children who are raised by civilly married parents benefit from the legal status granted to their parents.

    ‘Gay and lesbian people have been raising children for many years and will continue to do so in the future; the issue is whether these children will be raised by parents who have the rights, benefits, and protections of civil marriage.

    ‘There is ample evidence to show that children raised by same-gender parents fare as well as those raised by heterosexual parents. More than 25 years of research has documented that there is no relationship between parents’ sexual orientation and any measure of a child’s emotional, psychosocial, and behavioral adjustment… Conscientious and nurturing adults, whether they are men or women, heterosexual or homosexual, can be excellent parents. The rights, benefits, and protections of civil marriage can further strengthen these families.’

    “As physicians who care for society’s most vulnerable members, we are committed to supporting what is best for our patients. In our clinical experience, supporting loving families supports children. Supporting the union and legal right of parents who care for our patients is not only the right thing for us to do; it is the professional thing to do.

    “Please join us in protecting our patients and vote against Proposition 8 on November 4.”

    The statement and the full list of pediatricians who signed it is posted online at http://www.noonprop8.com

    Constitutional attorney Jim Brosnahan
    Constitutional attorney Jim Brosnahan heard Prof. Richard Peterson’s claims in ads about Prop 8, and wants to set the record straight. He challenged Peterson to a debate, but he never responded. So Jim took matters into his own hand, first publishing a response called A Debate with Myself on Proposition 8 and now he with his first-ever YouTube video. See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQBMoX93Q_o

    Comment by okawa | November 2, 2008 | Reply

  3. BTW, why would the schools want to teach lies in the first place?

    When I was in school we were never taught the truth about what those people did to the Japanese American’s or the laws targeting them. What happened to the Japanese people is PURE HATE! Laws targeting individuals or groups of people to take away basic equal rights IS definitely hate!

    I never learned about what happened to the Japanese people or any other people until I was older and did some research on my own.

    Prop 8 is definitely about hate because it targets, it singles out a group of people to take away their legal rights. If you target the school curriculum, that is another story, and that is the route people should go, not restructuring our constitution.

    That is why I have VOTED NO on 8!

    Comment by okawa | November 2, 2008 | Reply

  4. I can’t believe that pediatrician telling parents to abuse their children, oh I mean “spank!”

    That is disturbing!

    I would never advocate for any form of “spanking” or beating, that is just outrageous and abuse! Spanking will not change anything!

    Parents please talk to your children, don’t beat them!

    Comment by okawa | November 2, 2008 | Reply

  5. Also, here is the California’s TOP educator on the issue! However, like I said, if there is a problem with the education system, then you go to the education board to work on a curriculum. HELLO!

    Changing a constitution that protects ALL of it’s citizen’s should NEVER be altered to suit the needs of any religious group. As a Buddhist, I do not want this constitution altered, otherwise who knows what they will try to do next.

    Will they try to ban Buddhism in California?

    VOTE NO on 8! I HAVE!

    California’s top educator calls Prop 8 lies “shameful”

    Comment by okawa | November 2, 2008 | Reply

  6. School Districts
    @Jesse, did you do any research into why that MA school had the book in it’s curriculum?

    Don’t take things verbatim by those in Shepherd clothing because many of them lie to gain more converts and donations. I know this first hand, you have to do some research on your own on many grounds.

    I don’t know about MA, but I do know that CA educational system is in districts, and many of those districts come up with curriculum related to it’s community. It’s like some districts may teach Spanish, and some may teach French or Japanese. The school I had gone to taught Spanish!

    Parents have a right to voice there objections to a multitude of school curriculum as well. All they have to do is go to the school board and say they don’t want their children educated on that.

    I for one would not be bothered by my children being read a book about two princes because they don’t even see anything wrong with it. It’s good natured. This could be the reason the school had the alleged book in their curriculum, so that is why I was asking.

    Also, parent’s teach children attitude, not stories, TV, or games! Parent’s are the ones that teach children such things as killing small animals, not TV or games or story books.

    Aside from your worries!

    Prop 8 has nothing to do with school curriculum, and that has already been noted by the trusted professional’s of California and a multitude of other sources being against Prop 8 in California. Your sources support seem to be from Outside of California.

    Why is that? Well, Prop 8 is about taking away the basic rights of American’s in California. California isn’t about taking away the basic rights of people who need legal confirmation and security for their own families.

    That is called discrimination or hate in my dictionary.

    Parent’s having issues with their school curriculum should contact their local school board.

    Parent’s should definitely not be forcing their religious views on the rest of us just because they hate homosexuals or people who are different racially, socially or sexually!

    Prop 8 just reminds me of the anti-Japanese and anti-miscegenation laws that discriminated against people who had racially mixed families. Those same laws had been pushed upon us by the same kinds of religion. Thankfully, we have a constitution that calls for the separation of church and state.

    Prop 8 is bad for California. Go to the school board to file your complaints, don’t mess with our constitutions!

    NO on 8!

    Comment by okawa | November 2, 2008 | Reply

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