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Obama Backed By Silicon Valley—Big Time

Tech Company’s should be behind him 100%! What the heck! Technology in America is lagging behind as a result of these conservatives! Those conservatives can keep their religion to themselves, it should not be pushed on the rest of us nor should it be pushed on the advancement of technology or other progressive actions in our society.

American’s want to move on, not be held back by right winged or conservative people! That does a disservice to the rest of us Californian’s, not to mention America!

America is to far behind when looking at other nations because they were allowed to be progressive or “leftist” what ever you want to call it, but advances in our society should never be held back, as long as it is DO NO HARM!

Religion is religion, keep that to your own community, don’t force it on the rest of the larger community that may or may not have anything to do with your religion. As a Buddhist I appreciate advances that make things better for everyone, and I don’t appreciate other religions forcing their religious conservatism on me or the rest of us.

Obama Backed By Silicon Valley—Big Time –
If dollars translate into votes then tech’s top companies are squarely behind Barack Obama, by a better than 5 to 1 margin if you believe the Center for Responsive Politics and its latest stats on the issue.


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