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PR exec: Death threats forced firm to drop octuplet mom

Who’s sending the death threats?

I hope they get those terrorists! I’m tired of these alleged “social conservatives,” they say children come from God, and they hate condoms and sex, but when a person happens to have children regardless of how it happened, if that person is not from there community they hate them. Sounds typical, but it’s like a broken record already. She’s getting a lot of publicity from this and she should get paid for it, so she can take care of those children! If she needs help then people in her community should come and help just like a normal society would. Don’t judge those children for what adults do.

I recall several years back when a white family had several children the same way, the whole community started donating items to them to help them with those children.

Children should be a good thing in a society. I hope they get those terrorist making those calls! Read your bible more, it say’s to love your neighbor! If you don’t like that then throw your bible in the trash.

PR exec: Death threats forced firm to drop octuplet mom
Joann Killeen is president of the Killeen Furtney Group, the Los Angeles, California-based public relations firm that represented octuplet mom Nadya Suleman.
Nadya Suleman had her octuplets through fertility treatments.

Nadya Suleman had her octuplets through fertility treatments.

Suleman, who underwent fertility treatment, gave birth to six boys and two girls January 26 in Bellflower, California. She already had six children at home.

The Killeen Furtney Group recently stopped representing Suleman because of death threats that came in to the firm’s office, Killeen said Monday on CNN’s “Larry King Live.” Following is an edited transcript of Killeen’s conversation with King: [read more]

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  1. Killeen,

    I can only imagine the horror of what you have been going through, but rest assured, nothing has “happened” to
    America. Think of the Indian Wars. Consider the KKK.
    Etc., etc. There have always been hateful fools all over
    the place. But there many more good-hearted people than hateful fools – you just aren’t hearing from them. May goodness be with you during this extremely difficult time
    for you.

    Comment by Michael from Minnesota | February 17, 2009 | Reply

  2. I dont think the death threats are appropriate or needed. They are human beings and we do our best to ensure the safety of all life. However we also provide help to those who need it. This individual has used the system and the government and state facilities have allowed it and the clinic allowed it. I know a family that tried to get fertility treatment they had to give a financial accounting show capability to care and provide and other interviews before getting accepted. My question is did the clinic do this and if so did she tell the truth. I dont think she did as she admitted to being unable to fully provide for 6 children in the first place. Then went back for another regardless whether it turned out to be one or eight that just proved she was looking out for her interest not her children. She needs help and so do the kids the child services and state should have already stepped up to bat on this one or they are doing the tax payers injustice. You are being harrassed cause you believe that a female has the right to have as many children as they want even if they cant care for them. You chose to represent her knowing.
    1. She is on disability and receiving benifits
    2. Doesnt have a job
    3. Has school debt to pay for and receiving assistance
    4. Getting Disability benifits from children she already has.
    5. Has said on news that she was unable to fully support the 6 children she already has.
    6. Receiving government help and food stamps already
    7. Paid for another fertilization treatment instead of putting food on the table and caring for the 6 she already has.
    8. Has requested donations and support because she cant support 6 let alone now 14 children and expects to get it.

    You all use the new to benifit you and say oh poor me when you support a person of this nature so tell us one good reason she should benifit from a decision of this nature. Really i am sure america would love to hear this justified so every female in the USA can have this chance to have 14 kids and be fully functional have a job and make it. They going to get a news cast, donations, and a book deal to for millions so they can support them. America is angy and in part i understand why because people that make decisions that arent in the best interest of their children are still rewarded when something out of the ordinary happens cause it makes news. 14 children is news my case and point and you and the news agencies fan the flames for your ratings and business. So in essence you support every woman regardless of income, standing, education, or ability to work “oh and single” to have 14 kids so you can support them.

    I will again say the death threats are not warranted but the american people react when all they see is good news and publicity on something stupid and reckless. The actions being taken if any should be as public as the publicity of requesting donations.

    Comment by Militarymale | February 18, 2009 | Reply

  3. Nobody wishes death threats on anyone; however, in order to move forward in life, we have to take full and complete responsibility for the circumstances in which we find ourselves. That includes the actions we took to bring about the circumstances and how we respond to the circumstances.

    What was Joann Killeen’s motive for representing the Suleman family? Her appearance on Dr. Phil’s show, resulting in Dr. Phil’s directing the public to a website to donate to the Suleman family was highly distasteful. Donating to this family amounts to nothing less than rewarding the mother for her extreme irresponsibility. There are so many layers to this story that have outraged the public.

    Was Joann Killeen too focused on her own selfish motives to perceive the rightful public outrage? I believe she said she was acting for the family pro-bono. Why? Did she sign herself up pro-bono? Or did the growing public aversion bring that about? Was she exploiting the family to gain publicity for The Killeen Furtney Group? Why did she see the need to go on the Larry King Show after she resigned?

    The public would have responded to Joann Killeen so much more positively if she had brought the relevant professionals on to her team to assist this family quietly and privately, Had she done that, then publicized the results, she might have gained some public support, not only for the family, but also for her firm.

    The Suleman family certainly needs assistance, starting with the mother. She is obviously seriously mentally ill and incapable of looking after these children with or without public assistance.

    Unlike other multiple births to which the public and sponsors have have climbed on board, there is nothing to celebrate about this multiple birth. Rather there are a great many lessons to be learned.

    Joann Killeen’s role in this saga includes serious errors in judgement; and in one way or another make no mistake about it, she has exploited this family for her own ends. Death threats are shocking, but we live in a sick world. In the end her actions only added to the furor against the family and herself.

    Comment by Neva | February 18, 2009 | Reply

  4. All these rants don’t warrant death threats, and that is my only issue. I’ve seen people of all walks of life do irresponsible things, including presidents. Having Octuplets is an amazing thing, how many other people can carry to full term that many children? Not to many, and that is why they implanted more than one egg available because they wouldn’t normally survive.

    I’m just here making comments about things, just like you! I don’t think that having octuplits is stupid or reckless. She or the doctor didn’t go in expecting all her eggs to survive, and that is why they implanted so many eggs because some would not make it, however, the lord made this miracle. Sorry, I just had to say that, it’s over blown I agree. The lord had nothing to do with this!

    As for Killeen, hey we live in a capitalist society, and everyone can leach off of anyone they wish to try and make that money. Pro-bono is good, but most of the time people do pro-bono if it’s going to give them publicity, and regardless of her not being the PR person, she’s still getting the publicity, even from you.

    I just think the hypocrisy of all this is a joke! If many of us go back into our own family history, you will find that many of our own ancestors had just as many children even in hard times, and struggled to stay alive. Today, it’s not like that because we don’t normally have homemakers anymore, we have dual family incomes, and parents are never home to take responsibility for their own children.

    Praise the lord for these wonderful children…. Yeah! Right? Bullshit, that’s what I see!

    Comment by okawa | February 18, 2009 | Reply

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