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Thank Two Congressmen for Saying No to Creationists

Creationists are scary people whom cannot understand the reality of life.

Here we are in a war against alleged terrorists who wish to exert their religious rule on the rest of us through either physical or verbal ideology [terrorism], and we have to deal with them in our own country!

Public school systems should not force kids to study creationist theory, which should be an elective of choice. Private schools already have that, so anyone wishing that type of education should go to a private school because it’s patriotic and common law of the people to have separation of church and state. It’s like that for a reason because creationist wish to exert their ideology on those of use who do not believe or practice that type of religious system, they belittle anyone else who is not part of that system [terrorism]. Social conservatives terrorize groups of people who are not part of their system [terrorism], and try to push it on us through legal means and votes through fear tactics.

Separation of church and state is one of the founding democracy’s and why America is a democracy and free, it’s why our forebears pushed for a free America in the early years of America. People came here to have religious freedom, and that doesn’t mean the right to antagonize people who are non-believers.

Social conservatives [extremists] allege they have religious freedom, well religious freedom just mean that you have a right to practice your faith without persecution with in your own community, it doesn’t mean it’s okay to persecute non believers or those of another belief system, regardless of the hate the bible teaches. Your faith is personal to you and you alone, and should not be forced on others either through legal means or a tyrannical vote, much less taught in public school as if it’s true science!

Perhaps a new age has come for taxation of that kind of business?

Thank Two Congressmen for Saying No to Creationists
It takes courage for a politician in Texas to speak out against religious fundamentalism. Texas state Senator Rodney Ellis and Representative Patrick Rose deserve the thanks of all Americans for showing that courage.

Whether you’re a Texan or not, if you want creationism out of high school science textbooks – and evolution in them – please take a moment to thank Sen. Ellis and Rep. Rose for fighting the Discovery Institute/creationist-dominated Texas State Board of Education (SBOE).

Rose and Ellis proposed legislation “to place the board under periodic review by the Sunset Advisory Commission and hold them accountable for their performance, just as we do the Texas Education Agency and other state agencies.”

Why? In their own words:

“The decisions of the SBOE not only impact millions of young lives on a daily basis, but impact the economic progress of our state as well.

“For these reasons and many others, the public has a right to full disclosure and oversight.

“The board has escaped such scrutiny for far too long. The disregard for educators, instructional experts and scientists can’t continue. It’s time to take a closer look at the operations and policies of the State Board of Education.

“Our state, and especially our kids, deserve better.” [sign petition]


Imagine No Religion with a Peace symbol. Religion seems to have a lot of blood and killing connected to its book. The bible even authorizes its followers to kill. Imagine that...

Imagine No Religion with a Peace symbol. Religion seems to have a lot of blood and killing connected to it's book. The bible even authorizes it's followers to kill. Imagine that...



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