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Israeli Home Demolitions ‘Unhelpful’

I’m glad some one finally brought that up!  I think it’s ridiculous to want “peace”, but you don’t want to destroy peoples homes or take their homes when many of them lived in the home for several generations. It’s easy for the government to say they were “illegal”, yet they let them build the homes only to destroy it later.  Seems like economic destruction, the family puts all their money in the home only for it to be destroyed.  This reminds me when the police don’t have anything to charge a person on, and the police has some fault, so in order make the police appear like the good guy on paper, they then alleged the person was disturbing the peace, so they can bring some kind of charge to the person.  Sounds like the same practice of destroy a persons home because it’s allegedly illegal.

Israeli Home Demolitions Unhelpful

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton on Wednesday promised vigorous and personal involvement in stalled Mideast peace efforts and criticized Israel’s demolition of Palestinian homes in Jerusalem as “unhelpful.”

Clinton also displayed strong public support for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. The Palestinian Authority is the “only legitimate government of the Palestinian people,” she told a news conference, standing next to Abbas.

On Tuesday, Clinton met with Israeli leaders, including Prime Minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu. [read on]

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