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Pope urges Angolans to convert

It’s not the Wicca practice that kills, it’s the people who are taught the fear of Witchcraft or alleged Sorcery. Telling the Catholics to be missionary’s and convert the Animist is part of that fear. Why do they have to convert to Catholicism, and what will that statement mean to other Catholics in regard to the Animists? We’ve seen people push conversion many times on groups of other nature beliefs in the past. Seems like a Catholic Monopoly. Witchcraft is a nature religion as well as Animistic beliefs which has been around for generations, and long before these neo religions came about.

Pope urges Angolans to convert

Drawing on the more than 500 years of Roman Catholicism in Angola, he called Christianity a bridge between the local peoples and the Portuguese settlers. Eighty percent of the 16 million people are Christian, about 65 percent Catholic.

Benedict began his day addressing Catholic clergymen and nuns, telling them to be missionaries to those Angolans “living in fear of spirits, of malign and threatening powers. In their bewilderment they end up even condemning street children and the elderly as alleged sorcerers.”

In Africa, some churchgoing Catholics also follow traditional animist religions and consult medicine men and diviners who are denounced by the church. People accused of sorcery or of being possessed by evil powers sometimes are killed by fearful mobs.

Local media have reported that police last year rescued 40 children who had been held by two religious sects after being accused by their own families of witchcraft.

Benedict counseled Catholics to “live peacefully” with animists and other nonbelievers and urged Angolans to be the “new missionaries” to bring people who believe in sorcery to Christ.

Security was unusually tight, with military sharpshooters atop buildings in the capital. The National Police said they have deployed 10,000 officers.

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