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Is the Iraqi Government Executing LGBT People?

Funny how under Saddam things were under control, and now the religious extremism seems to be taking control of Iraq with one sect killing members of other sects and probably all of them targeting Gay people as an excuse for their problems.

Is the Iraqi Government Executing LGBT People?

It’s no secret that LGBT life in Iraq these days is as dangerous as it gets – quite possibly the most dangerous in the world. Secret underground networks have emerged to help escort LGBT Iraqis out of the country. Since the fall of Saddam Hussein (no friend to LGBT rights himself), the safety situation for LGBT Iraqi citizens has become even more dire. And there’s concern this week that the Iraqi government is going to start executing LGBT people.

The UK-based group Iraqi-LGBT is reporting that approximately 128 individuals have been arrested and sentenced to death for nothing more than being LGBT. And according to Iraqi-LGBT, executions are scheduled this week to start in “batches of 20.”

If true, this is shocking, and quite possibly one of the gravest consequences of the Bush administration’s War in Iraq. Groups like Amnesty International have called for investigations into executions in Iraq based on sexual orientation discrimination, but sadly little has been done to address LGBT discrimination in Iraq.

If LGBT people are being systematically murdered in Iraq, it’s something the Obama administration and the U.S. Congress need to address. The U.S. government shouldn’t be in the business of propping up administrations around the globe that execute people because of their sexual orientation. We’ve created an action here where you can write your members of Congress, express concern about the reports coming out of Iraq that people are being executed simply because they are LGBT, and ask them to investigate these atrocious killings.


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