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Returning troops getting tested for brain injuries

Why so many head injuries?

There’s new technology out there, as well as better headgear and body armor.  So, why do our soldiers have so many head injuries and deaths? Well, remember when mothers and fathers were purchasing bulletproof vests for their soldier children?  Some people even had bake sales just so they can get the money they needed for their soldier children.

Some commands told the soldiers to stop that, and that there parents were not allowed to purchase those items for them.  It’s not just about proper body gear either, it’s about proper equipment during the Bush years and the Bush bureaucracy in getting the equipment to our soldiers.  I think Cheney’s company Haliburton made out very well with tax dollars given to them, as well as all those other corporation that received money from Bush, but our soldiers didn’t get anything.  Do you really “Support Our Troops?”  If you do then why didn’t any one on the social conservative side stand up for them?

I just wanted to reiterated that I truly support our soldiers, and I am one of those calling for the safe return home for our soldiers because I did not, and still don’t believe in the Bush wars.  Many people on the “right” or right wing constantly and constantly belittle people on the left alleging that we don’t support the troops and the people on the right claim they do.

In one of my other blog’s, one guy even commented that people against Prop 8 insulted our soldiers and attacked churches.  Well, I seriously doubt that.  Perhaps it was just one person because I don’t support Prop 8, and as a former Marine I believe in democracy and equality for the law to all citizens. Not favoritism to fanatical teachings.  His statement tries to allege that certain people don’t support the troops, and that’s the kind of statements that people on the right continue to say even though it is wrong, it’s constant lies, one lie after another from people planting false seeds into the mind of others, so they can gain favor from other’s under false pretenses and perhaps gain more converts and more money.

As I have always said, don’t believe the lies from those people.  Educate yourselves, and know your history.

If they truly support our troops they would be calling for the safe return of those in Iraq, and give them a break from all that.  When Bush was in office they should have pressured Bush and Pentagon to give our soldiers proper body and headgear of the latest technology available, and pressured Bush to bring our soldiers home safely, yet they did none of that.

What needs to be done now is to reevaluate this Bush war, give our soldiers a break, and bring them all home as soon as possible!

Returning troops getting tested for brain injuries

Every soldier who’s gone to war in the past year paused before leaving to take a brain test – basic math, matching numbers and symbols and identifying patterns to measure response time and accuracy. Now that some of these troops have returned, they’re taking a fresh round of tests, all part of a broad effort by the military to better treat head injuries.

The Department of Defense is also deploying some unusual weapons for treating the injuries, including paint guns and motion-sensitive video games integrated into therapy at new trauma centers around the country.

Funding for the treatment of these injuries is expected to increase under President Barack Obama, who said Thursday his new military and veterans affairs budget will focus on diagnosing brain injuries and psychological disabilities that have gone untreated.

More than 150,000 service members from the Marines, Air Force, Army and Navy have undergone the testing that became mandatory last year. Those who suffer a concussion or similar head injury will get a follow-up test. [read more]


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