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“Buffett says government is doing the right things”

Love this, but there will always be someone who will blame this on Obama even though the problems started years before he became President. 

Heck!  Obama’s trying to clean up this mess!  If you have a President that spends our surplus, and doesn’t put it back into America, except special interest corporations that make money off wars and then puts everything else on credit because he gave the cash to those special companies; what would you think would happen?  Of course, this isn’t the only picture, there’s more to it, but the stories are constant. 

What does America have to show for it?  We’re a nation falling apart at it’s seems [maybe not for long with Obama in charge], we’re behind in education, while other countries advance and produce more educated children, no high speed rail system [bullet train] in a country 10 times larger than Japan or even europe…?  We probably lose more scientists to other countries because conservatives are to afraid to progress, so they hold back advances in technology and many other areas of society for the better.  Our soldiers still don’t have the latest technology available to them for personal body gear, and all those people alleged they “Support Our Troops?”  I remember when mother’s and father’s were having bake sales just get enough money to purchase a bullet proof vest for their children being shipped off to Iraq.

Buffett says government is doing the right things

Billionaire Warren Buffett said Saturday the U.S. government is generally taking the right actions to help the economy recover, and it should be given some benefit of the doubt because officials have been reacting in the middle of a crisis.

The state of the economy was one of the first things addressed at Saturday’s daylong Berkshire Hathaway Inc. shareholders meeting. Roughly 35,000 people packed an arena and overflow rooms to listen to Buffett and Berkshire vice chairman Charlie Munger answer questions for hours.

“Overall, I commend the actions that were taken,” Buffett said. But he said no one should expect perfection because the economy experienced a “financial hurricane.”

But Buffett said he can’t predict how quickly the economy and the markets will improve. He said last fall that the U.S. was facing an “economic Pearl Harbor.”

To illustrate the challenges the U.S. faced last year, Buffett showed a sales receipt for $5 million in U.S. Treasury bonds that Berkshire sold in December for $90.07 more than face value, ensuring a negative return for the buyer. Buffett said he does not think most investors will see negative returns on U.S. bonds again in their lifetimes.

“It’s been a very extraordinary year,” he said. [read full story]


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