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They’re Already Here!

People in Guantanamo were brought there by American’s.  Guantanamo hangs the American flag, so it is already American, silly!  They are closing it because the previous administration has used it for a place of torture which has stigmatized America’s democratic patriotism, and when that happens those places are typically disbanded or vacated and no longer used.

Aside form that, American laws tells us that people are innocent until proven guilty, last time I checked.  Many of the people who the Bush administration claimed were “terrorist” were in fact NOT terrorists.  If they are closing the place they need to provide another place to have a trial.  If they committed no crimes then they should be released.  These GOP’ers should already know that.

BTW, religious fanaticism is already here, so the terrorism isn’t just from over seas or people being held in Guantanamo.  We’ve had fanatics commit crimes against groups of people in America who are American, and those crimes have been committed for dogmatic views.  Jim Jones, Timothy McVeigh, Branch Davidian, KKK, and I’m sure there are more of these kinds of fanatical terrorists lurking around here in America.

Bohner and his GTMO bill is okay with me, but it needs to be more thorough, and it should include any terrorist who targets any other American as well, not just foreign terrorists.

“Keep Terrorists Out Of America Act” Announced By GOP

The GOP clearly sees a chink in the Obama armor when it comes to the closure of Guantanamo Bay. A jarring new advertisement on the subject released by Senate Republicans, followed by a floor speech whacking the president from Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, led, on Thursday, to its inevitable conclusion.

The office of House Minority Leader John Boehner sends over word that the Ohio Republican and GOP ranking members are “introducing a big GTMO bill today designed to stop the transfer or release of these detainees into the U.S.”

Titled the “Keep Terrorists Out of America Act,” the legislation would give members of Congress “an opportunity to stand with the American people by affirming their opposition to releasing the terrorists at Guantanamo prison or bringing them into the United States.”


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  1. I can’t believe we have to write laws to make sure terrorists aren’t allowed in the U.S. We should reopen Alcatraz, fill it, then sink it.

    Comment by educlaytion | May 8, 2009 | Reply

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