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Crusade Against Investigating Torture? Not Very Patriotic!

WTF!  Why would they be against an investigation on crimes of torture?

I’m amazed at how far down the gutter the Republican Party has come since the 80’s!  I’m so happy to have left the party for a better place.

Do they realize that if the crimes of torture are not investigated and nothing is done they will leave it open for other crimes to take place and America would not be able to bring anyone to justice because they disregarded the same international law agreed on by other’s?

What about American soldiers who end up being captured or other American citizens?  We’ll have no recourse because the republican’s are trying to prevent any criminal investigation by the Bush Administration.

Though, I think they don’t really care because they still have not brought to justice those who had disclosed the American CIA operative, which put her life and possibly other American lives in danger.  The only purpose of that disclosure was for retaliation against the CIA operative’s husband.

That is treason, and those people haven’t even been brought to justice.  It’s a shame that crimes like this are being taken for granted because it will only put more lives in danger if these are not investigated.

Republicans Warn Holder: Investigate Torture And We’ll Investigate You (VIDEO)

Republican senators used a hearing Thursday with Attorney General Eric Holder to discourage an investigation into torture under the Bush administration. Both Lamar Alexander of Tennessee and Richard Shelby of Alabama suggested that they would push hard to expand any probe of the CIA’s “rendition” program and other legally and morally questionable tactics to include the Clinton administration, as well as members of Congress who were briefed on interrogation methods.

Keith Olbermann had Brandon Friedman from VoteVets.org on Thursday night to discuss how people in the military felt about Republicans’ crusade against torture probes.



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