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Parental Blame Game!

People always blame Gay people for their problems even when it’s false! 

It’s to bad that Carrie Prejean had to get these kinds of misconceptions and why the courts allow this stuff to happen to the kids being pulled apart is ridiculous.  It’s a good possibility that the mother told a lot of lies about her father just to turn her against her father or vise versa.  It happens all the time, parents are alway’s telling myth stories to get their child on their side.

Parents in a divorce battle shouldn’t be allowed to make false accusations, or if it’s true, they shouldn’t be using it as a tool to turn their kids in a divorce battle or face jail time.  It’s not even just about those types of accusations in a divorce battle, there are plenty of other’s as well, like drugs and alcholism that parents use to turn their kids against one another.

Carrie Prejean — The Origin of Homophobia | TMZ.com

So how does a beauty queen turn into the poster child against gay marriage? In the case of Miss California Carrie Prejean, the answer may lie in an ugly divorce that may have cemented her views on gay relationships.

Carrie’s parents filed for divorce in 1988 and the divorce and custody fights went on for more than a decade — it was a divorce filled with homosexual allegations hurled by both sides.

In one of the docs, Carrie’s dad describes a confrontation he had with her mom in 1996, in which he recounts an argument in a restaurant parking lot, where “Ms. Prejean accused me, in front of our daughter, of homosexuality.”

The papers also quote a court-appointed doctor who said “The mother questioned [within hearing of the girls] whether [her father] was a homosexual or had a homosexual roommate.”

Carrie’s mom says the “gay” allegations went both ways. In court papers dated May 16, 2000, a report from the court-appointed counselor says “The mother also alleges the father told the girls their stepfather was gay, that all men with mustaches are gay.” The father’s response: “The father acknowledges talking with the girls about the stepfather’s brother being gay, not the stepfather.”


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