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Israeli PM say’s Obama will do as he’s told? What?

Obama will do as he’s told?  He’s works for the American people not Israel. 

We need to stop supporting people like that.  The PM needs to do as he’s told because American’s need to stop supporting what they are doing to the Palestinian people.  American tax dollars shouldn’t be used for creating weapons of destruction.  Their last campaign was so reckless; there was not need to destroy the infrastructure of their homes and towns. 

Mideast Ad to Obama: Lead, Don’t Follow

This Monday the Israeli prime minister faces Barack Obama for the first time — and war and peace are at stake.

Some say US President Obama will do as he’s told: endorse more dead-end talks between a far-right Israeli government and a discredited and divided Palestinian leadership.

But ordinary Israelis and Palestinians still want peace — and their only hope is for Obama to lead.

We urgently need to show Obama that ordinary people in the region and around the world will back him to take a bold lead — watch our new TV ad campaign and give a donation to help get it on the air in the next 72 hours:  [donate]



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