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Lies, GOP and Waterboarding? How do they compare?

Why is it the republican’s, instead of seeing things how they are and facing it, they alway’s try to divert attention from what they have done to some thing else that isn’t even related.  I fined there use of labeling groups pitiful as well!  They come up with all sorts of labelings and new words, as if they try to reinvent the wheel… [oops off topic]

It’s like Cheney’s daughter comparing her father’s defense of waterboarding use to Al Gore’s advocacy on Global Warming.

Or those, that are comparing Obama to Prejean’s lies; Prejean’s crusade over Same Sex Civil Marriage because it’s allegedly against her Christian belief, yet, she posed for pornagraphic pictures, then lied to the California Pagant about it in her contract and later when questioned again.  As I know it, lying and participating in pornagraphy are both against Christian beliefs. Right?  How is this comparable to Obama?  They say, he’s against Same Sex Marriage, okay, how is that comparable to prejean?  She’s going around preaching her beliefs as if she’s representing all Californian’s saying Same Sex Marriage is against her beliefs, yet does other things that are against Christian practice. That’s called hypocrisy, it’s not hypocrisy if your not going around claiming moral standing and pointing out observations. 

I haven’t seen any pornography on Obama yet, have you?  Obama’s not going around preaching his religious views either.  Not comparible at all.

So, if this is all those republican’s can do, by creating some other issue and compare it to what they have done, to justify what they have done, then I’m sorry for the GOP’ers! 
Very sad political party which seems really screwed up and lost it’s purpose, thanks to them recruiting religion into the party politics.  [What else irks me! People conservative doesn’t mean your religion!  It mean’s politically conservative!  Your religion shouldn’t have anything to do with the party, and that is one reason why it’s falling apart and people are leaving the party.  People have been leaving it since the 80’s.]

Nancy Pelosi: CIA Lied To Me

Under strong attack from Republicans, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi accused the CIA and Bush administration of misleading her about waterboarding detainees in the war on terror and sharply rebutted claims she was complicit in its use.

“To the contrary … we were told explicitly that waterboarding was not being used,” she told reporters, referring to a formal CIA briefing she received in the fall of 2002.

Pelosi said she subsequently learned that other lawmakers were told several months later by the CIA about the use of waterboarding.

“I wasn’t briefed, I was informed that somebody else had been briefed about it,” she said.

The House’s top Democrat made her comments at a news conference where she was peppered with questions about her knowledge of a technique she and others have called torture. Republicans have insisted in recent weeks that Pelosi and other Democrats knew waterboarding was in use, but made no attempt to protest.

In a written response issued moments after Pelosi spoke, an official at the CIA neither disputed nor accepted the California Democrat’s statements.

Instead, George Little, head of the CIA office of public affairs, said it would be up to Congress to determine whether notes made by agency personnel at the time they briefed lawmakers were accurate. He said the notes could be made available at the CIA “for staff review.”

Pelosi renewed her call for a so-called truth commission to investigate the events in the Bush administration that led to the use of waterboarding and other harsh interrogation techniques. While President Barack Obama has banned waterboarding, calling it torture, he has been notably cool toward an independent inquiry that might distract attention from his domestic agenda. [read more]


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