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Working People Support ACORN [sign petition]

I guess the social conservatives “Right Wing” people have to cover up all their misgivings, so they decided to pick on ACORN which helps working people, which only helps America.  The help people, not just the poor, but people in your communities our neighborhoods, and schools.  Why on earth would they dislike that?  Oh, they allege that ACORN taking all this government money, uh, okay!  I see banks and other huge corporation’s taking tax payer money [these peoples money, the people ACORN is trying to help], with no restrictions, yet they are not even helping us American’s with the economic propblems they may have of which the bankers all created.   At least ACORN is helping these people, when the banks and the huge corporations are not.

Barr knows that ACORN is on the side of working people. Here’s what she
has to say about the non-stop attacks from the right wing:

If these guys hate ACORN so much, then ACORN must be doing something right.

everyone else is talking about issues and ideas and politics, ACORN is
out there working. They’re working side-by-side with the people most
affected by years of failed economic and health care policies, by the
crappy economy.

don’t just work with poor people – they are poor people. Poor people
doing all they can to stay in their homes, raise their kids, improve
their environment and their schools. Get
the picture? Yeah.

— Roseanne Barr


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