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Torture attorney’s should be disbared

Manipulating the law in favor of torture, well, that’s just disturbing!  We’re “patriotic” American’s and should uphold our constitution and international laws with pride! 

Those people creating document’s alleging those techniques are okay is deceptive.  It’s obvious torture, and if those people can’t see that then they must be anti-American.  They shouldn’t be allowed to practice law again.  Alleging that these techniques are needed to get information that would protect American’s, well that hasn’t happened.  Where we better off during those eight years?  There’s been an increase of those fanatical religious groups ever since, and there coming out in droves in our own country.  All they want is to ignore their own problems and push their religion on the rest of us, so I’d say NO we are not better off with the Bush Administrations policies or torture techniques.  The extremist’s have become more brazen towards us or anyone who is not on their side, including the social conservative extremists in our own country who wish to push their religious views on the rest of us, as well as push it into our laws.  No, I’d say torture didn’t make us any safer.

Bush Lawyers’ Disbarment Sought

A coalition of liberal groups filed petitions Monday seeking disbarment of Bush administration attorneys linked to memos on harsh interrogation techniques of detainees.

Complaints were filed against 12 individuals, including former attorneys general John Ashcroft, Alberto Gonzales and Michael Mukasey and former Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, said a member of the groups. The complaints filed with bar associations in the District of Columbia and four states _ New York, California, Texas and Pennsylvania _ say their licenses should be revoked for “moral turpitude.”

“These lawyers misused their license to practice law to provide legal cover for the war crime of torture,” said Kevin Zeese, executive director of VotersForPeace.US and a board member with VelvetRevolution.US, the two groups leading the effort.

Memos by the Bush Justice Department contended that waterboarding _ a form of simulated drowning _ as well as sleep deprivation and other extreme techniques were legal under U.S. and international law.


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