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Study Finds that Marijuana Cures Brain Cancer

It does a lot more than that!  Western medicine is so slow!  Nature herbs have been used for thousands of years, heck some pharmaceuticals have been trying to steel medicinal medicine from the people by trying to put patents on various herbs or other medicinal plants and trees!  Herbs belong to the People[every one], not the pharmaceutical companies!  It’s called Biopiracy!

So, why is the government trying to stop the use of Medical Cannabis or Marijuana?  Could the pharmaceutical companies loose a money as a result of people using it?

SF Health News Examiner: Marijuana compound fights brain cancer: Study

Guillermo Velasco and a team of researchers at Complutense University in Spain have shown that the psycho-active chemical in marijuana, delta-9-tetrahydrocannibinol (THC), encourages brain cancer cells to begin a process called autophagy, in which the cell basically dissolves itself.

The team noted that cannabinoids such as THC showed cancer-fighting effects in mice implanted with human brain cancer cells and in human patients with brain tumors. When mice implanted with human brain cancer cells that received the THC, showed significant reduction of tumor growth. [read more]



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