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Haliburton’s former subsidiary KBR gets $80 million in bonuses

People claim to support our troops is just a rallying call by republican’s in particular the Bush Cheney clans for republican’s and friends.  Every one else fell for the lies of these people and the lies were told to legitimize the Bush’s wars.  It happens for every Bush war, many of you are probably to young to know.

You do a rallying call to support our troops, but you don’t realize what is really happening behind the scenes!  Our troops don’t get that money, and many of them had to purchase their own body armor, and many mother’s and father’s had bake sales just to get that equipment.  The equipment the soldiers were using in the Bush’s war were not even top quality equipment which only cause harm to the soldiers with many of them coming home with head injuries that will be with them for the rest of their lives!

Who gets all the taxpayer money, after Bush’s and Cheney’s clans rally the people under the guise of “Support Our Troops”?  Lets face it, the troops don’t see that money, but the companies that the Bush and Cheney’s support sure do.

Wars by Bush’s are started, so that they can help and support their friends and families through giving billions to their companies.

Support Our Troops, and sign the petition to stop rewarding people that cause reckless endangerment to our troops and have those involved charged for criminal negligence!

Hold KBR/Halliburton War Profiteers Accountable

The Department of Defense just gave $80 million in bonuses to KBR, a former subsidiary of Halliburton, for electrical wiring contracts in Iraq. But in a dramatic Senate hearing, the DoD’s own documents revealed that U.S. soldiers have died via electrocution as a direct result of KBR’s shoddy and substandard work.

The Nation has issued a chilling report based on evidence revealed this week. Eighteen U.S. soldiers have died as a result of KBR’s work. One of the electrocuted soldiers was a decorated Green Beret whose death was classified by the U.S. Army Criminal Investigations Division as a “negligent homicide.”

KBR/Halliburton is not just distinguished by its close relationship with Dick Cheney, the company’s former CEO and the architect of the disastrous invasion of Iraq. It also happens to be the single largest war profiteer from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Bush’s Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, may still lead the Department of Defense under the Obama administration. But that doesn’t mean we can’t end the blank checks for Bush and Cheney’s cronies and hold war profiteers accountable.

Sign this petition today to ask Secretary Gates to rescind the KBR bonuses, pursue criminal charges against the officials responsible for the electrocution deaths of U.S. soldiers, and stop awarding defense contracts to KBR. [sign the petition]


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