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Corporations threaten Organic Industry with Toxins!

I don’t know why the US is still purchasing products from China after the products we’ve been getting from them.  First, the lives of our pets have been endangered by Chinese factories who use poison as a substitute for protein, second, our children’s lives are put endanger by the toxins in the toy’s purchased from China, and third, American’s have not jobs…  Why are American companies taking American jobs to China?  Are they that unpatriotic and greedy that they are more willing to take jobs over seas, so that they can bulk their bank accounts at Swiss banks to evade American taxes?

What ever happened to grown in America?

What ever happened to made in America?

If you go to WalMart, you should be ashamed!  Look at all those products because most are made in China! We’re not saying you can buy foreign products.  We’re saying that everything doesn’t have to be made or grown in other country’s.  America was founded by small family farmers!  Small farms made America.  American’s don’t have jobs because greedy corporation’s take those jobs over seas.  I’d call that anti-American!  First these corporation’s received tax subsidies which small family farmers were not eligible or not able to apply, and as a result those small family farmers had to sell their land to these greedy corporations, and family lost their farms that they had for generations!

Corporations Undermine Organic Reputation: Chinese Soy Imports and Toxic Petrochemicals

New Report: Many Organic Soy Food Brands Importing Beans from China We no longer trust these imports to feed our pets. They have no place in organicsCornucopia, WI: Tremendous growth in the organic soy foods industry has occurred over the last two decades as consumers seek healthy dietary alternative sources of protein. Many companies touting their “natural” or “organic” soy brands have found favor in the supermarket. A new report, released this week by The Cornucopia Institute, lifts the veil on some of these companies, exposing widespread importation of soybeans from China and the use of toxic chemicals to process soy foods labeled as “natural.”The report, Beyond the Bean: The Heroes and Charlatans of the Natural and Organic Soy Foods Industry, and an accompanying ratings scorecard of organic brands, separates industry heroes-who have gone out of their way to connect with domestic farmers-from agribusinesses that are exploiting the trust of consumers.Part of the meteoric rise in organic food sales has been built on the expectation from consumers that organic foods support a more environmentally sound form of agriculture and one that financially rewards family farmers through their patronage. “Importing Chinese soybeans or contributing to the loss of rain forests by shipping in commodities from Brazil just flat-out contradicts the working definition of organic agriculture,” said Mark Kastel, Senior Farm Policy Analyst at The Cornucopia Institute.Through a nationwide survey of the industry, onsite farm, and processor visits, plus reviews of import data, Cornucopia assembled a rating system aimed at empowering consumers and wholesale buyers with the knowledge necessary to support brands that respect the fundamental tenets of organics. [read more]


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We want CLEAN food!  Food FREE of toxins!
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