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When Cops Lie!

Unfortunately, this happens all to often across the country.  It’s not just about lying on the stand, it’s also about police reports.  Police reports are used to make the police look good when they’ve been bad.  They can easily write their own story, purposely leaving out important information on the situation that took place. Yes, they will protect themselves and their jobs before they uphold the law.    When more than one cop is involved, they will have a pow wow, while the alleged “criminal” is in the holding room, while they try to get their sentences in order before writing a police report.

I’m sure there are those “honorable” cops out there, but for some reason we don’t hear of them taking their buddy’s in for manipulating the law. I used to give the benefit doubt to the cops, however, after seen so many situations where they channel their anger toward the person that has allegedly committed some “crime”, I now analyze the situation of both sides of the story.

In many cases, when the cop knows he’s done wrong, they would over exaggerate a situation in order to claim “disturbing the peace” so if a person files a claim against the cop they would have this alleged “disturbing the peace” hanging over their head.   I’m sure, there are lots and lots of alleged “disturbing the peace” charges out their, and you all know who  you are.

Norm Stamper: “That’s What Real Policemen Do; They Stand Up for Each Other”

Thus spake, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, a city cop who joined other police officers and DEA agents in a packed federal courtroom last week. All those badges flashed in support of Drug Enforcement Administration Agent Lee Lucas who is facing an 18-count indictment. The 19-year veteran stands accused of perjury, making false statements in internal reports, obstruction of justice, and civil rights violations. (The day after the federal agent was fired veteran Richland County Sheriff’s Deputy Charles Metcalf copped in U.S. District Court to a civil rights violation stemming from his work with Lucas.)

The alleged facts (Lucas has pleaded not guilty) are all too familiar: a narcotics agent recruits an informant but fails to monitor the man’s activities or verify his statements. When the narc learns of his snitch’s make-believe cases, he conceals evidence, makes false statements to his superiors, lies on the stand, and sends guiltless people to prison. Can you say “Tulia, Texas”?

Of all the shameful deeds alleged, let’s focus on one pivotal in this and so many other police scandals, namely lying. Not the “Why, yes those cargo pants are flattering” kind of lie but the kind that results in innocent people living life behind bars. [read on]


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