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Pastor Concerned that Buddhism Coming to HIS City!

Wow!  Doesn’t America have “religious freedom” or does that only stand if your a Christian? 

One pastor even comes up with a question of “where is the money coming from, is it being funneled out of the US?”  WTF!!!

Christian’s send money out of state all the time!

It’s a blatant attack on religious freedom, and I can ask the same thing of that pastor!  What is that pastor doing with the money he’s getting from his followers?  Is he spending it on church issues or is he buying several homes and cars for him and his family, all while the church might be in dire need?  I’ve seen that happen before.

Buddhist monks are not allowed to handle money, the laypeople handle the business aspect.  The temples are the non profits, and everything else is a business, if they have a book store they charge tax on sales, etc.  It’s like any other church or temple suppose to be.

Just because they might be tax exempt doesn’t mean they won’t spend money in the community. Just by purchasing the materials alone would help the community, what about that Pastor, is his church benefiting the community since it has “tax exempt” status for it’s house, and do they pay tax on their other church busineses?

These kinds of people allege they have nothing against Buddhism, but what they are doing is a blatant attack on Buddhism, and the excuses don’t help cover that up because I’ve heard to many people say things that misrepresent the true teachings of Buddhism, to many times. 

Buddhists in the community and surrounding areas have a right to their temple and it’s teachings!

Pataskala Residents question plans for Buddhist temple

Some area residents and religious leaders are worried about a proposed Buddhist development setting up shop along Blacks Road on the city’s eastern edge.
Residents and pastors recently approached the Pataskala City Council to express their concerns.

“I question where the funding comes from, and what their real intentions are and the impact on the community long-term,” said Gale Road resident Glenn Graham, a pastor at a Kirkersville-area church.

Valley Road resident Andrea Adkins questioned the proposed development’s financial impact on the city, considering one element would possess tax-exempt status.

“There’s not tax money coming in,” Adkins said. “That’s not going to benefit the city at all.”

Pastor Gary Nelson, of One Purpose Community Church, added he has nothing against Buddhists, although they possess differing views. However, Nelson questioned how the development would incorporate a temple with a restaurant, market and spa.

“I see a businesses set up on a nonprofit status,” he said. “I don’t know really how that’s going to benefit the community that much if they use the religious status that me, as a pastor, I understand, but to come in and try to funnel money maybe out of this country, I have no idea. Those are questions I would like to have answered through this process.”

“Some people think of (Buddhism) as a new age religion, but it is a faith that has been around 2,500 years,” Wesley said.

Buddhism appeals to Wesley because the meditative aspects clear her mind. However, she cautioned Buddhism is not solely focused on looking inward.

“One of the decisions Buddhism teaches is love and compassion for everyone,” she said.

[see full story of Pastors concern on Buddhist Temple coming to his city]

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The Great Exodus of the GOP

A lot of people left the party because they focused to much on peoples personal lives!  Social issues don’t have a part in the political party, this is American, and everyone has a different opinion on their own “moral” issues.  My morals are different than your morals, and just because mine are different than yours doesn’t make your morals better than mine, it’s just ridiculous!

If you want to worry about morals then go to your own religious background and practice it there, it shouldn’t be brought into the political parties.  I’m sad to see the GOPers do this to the Republican party because it’s NOT the party Lincoln founded.

I agree, with McCain’s mother and many others; in that people like Rush don’t represent the Republican party views.  Republican’s started adopting religious views in the 80’s, from my experience, and that’s why a lot of people left the party.  This is America, you can’t have a Party favoring one religion and ignoring the others in it’s stead, and that’s why, we, America have a time honored tradition of “Separation of Church and State” which the neo GOPers totally ignored. 

When they say “conservatism” they are speaking about “fiscal” conservatism NOT your religious “conservatism.” 
Keep your own religion to yourself, people shouldn’t be forced to abide by one religious doctrine, if other’s have an  interest in your particular brand, then they will ask you.

Caruso-Cabrera: Tweak Your Platform, GOP
More evidence of what’s wrong with the Republican party emerged this week with the Mark Sanford scandal. If you haven’t heard, the governor of South Carolina disappeared to who knows where this past week. (Now he says he was not on the Appalachian Trail but in Argentina.) He didn’t tell his wife or his staff, which has lead to all kinds of speculation that he is A: Having an affair; B: Having a nervous breakdown.

If the answer is A, you can add it to the long list of hypocritical actions by self-righteous Republicans. Insert here Senator John Ensign recently having to apologize for an affair.

The Republican Party insists that “American values” must be a core part of the platform. Their values of course; and yet values that many of them don’t adhere to. There are few crimes greater in America than hypocrisy.

[Read more about tweaking your platform]

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56 Million Chinese Leaving the Chinese Communist Party; Sounds Familiar!

This sort of reminds of people leaving the RNC for their strange ideology and repressive dogmatic views.  Accept people seem to be taking longer to leave, over the past 20 years since adopting those ideological views.  The old RNC was just fine, but these neo-conservatives have gone dogmatic with social conservative views that target our families and our private lives.

All these regimes around the world are going to collapse because they persecute their own people for ridiculous things whether communist ideology or religious ideology.  Leave people alone and let them do their own thing and everything will be great!  Sure there will be problems, but free choice without doing harm is a better way of life.

This world doesn’t need dictators or regimes that repress the people or their paths in life.

Supporting 56 Million Chinese Leaving the CCP

The “Quit the CCP Center” in Tokyo hosted a parade to support 56 million Chinese withdrawing from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) on June 21. People from Tokyo and surrounding cities as far away as Kansai, have shown their support by joining the event despite the rain.

Led by the Celestial Marching Band, participants marched around downtown Tokyo with banners stating “Support 56 million Chinese’ withdrawal from CCP”, “Disintegrate the CCP, Stop the persecution”, “Stop persecuting Falun Gong” and so forth. Along the path, participants also announced through loudspeakers that the historical violence and lies of CCP are destined to collapse. [Read 56million Chinese Leave CCP]

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Chinese Communist Kidnap Dutch Citizen for Practicing Falun Gong

Chinese communist agents had kidnapped a Dutch citizen because she practices Falun Gong!  The communists have been taking Falun Gong practictioners in China and imprisioning them because of their Falun Gong practice which is basically a peaceful practice of non violence and respect.  It amazes me how the communist can be so hateful toward a peace loving group of people.  Many of them over the years have been murdered for their body parts, and those body parts are sold, and I suppose the communist party people get the profits.  These people are still living when they take the parts from them, but of course they will die after those parts are taken from them.

You can learn  more about the immorality of the communists who destroyed Chinese culture and Tibetan Culture at the Laogai Research Foundation.

Chinese Agents Kidnap Dutch Tour Guide

A Chinese-Dutch citizen, Guo Ping, was twice kidnapped and interrogated by secret agents when she was conducting tourist groups in China this May. The agents questioned her and forced her to plead guilty for her belief in Falun Gong, a spiritual practice persecuted in China since 1999.

Guo was first kidnapped on May 8 from her hotel room in Beijing. Agents from the Bureau of State Security broke into her room at about 3:30 p.m. and took her by force to another hotel where five agents questioned her for 15 hours. There were no legal procedures.

Upon Guo’s protest, the agents said that she was detained because she was a Falun Gong practitioner. They refused Guo’s demand to contact the Dutch Embassy, and required her to “plead guilty” for her beliefs. The agents also required her to list other Falun Gong practitioners she knew in Holland and China.

So far over 3,000 Falun Gong practitioners have been confirmed to be tortured to death for their belief, and tens of thousands have been jailed in prison, labor camps, secret detention facilities and mental houses.

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Bush Feared Prosecution for War Crimes

As more pressure mounts on the Bush Administration’s War Crimes, new evidence keeps showing up that proves the guilt, and lies told to American’s during his service in office as President of the United States!    They don’t care about the Geneva Convention, the international law that also protects American soldiers from torture.  Tear that up, you open the door against Our Soldiers, so how can they really “Support Our Troops” by tearing up an important law against torture?

I’m sorry, he shouldn’t have been such a puppet to his advisers or anyone else that would have advised him to go against any laws or the basic principles of the Unites States constitution.  It would be hard to name names because he was the President and had the last word, so as he might say “the buck stops here” he’s the President and the one ultimately responsible for what happened in his watch at the White House.

It’s even the basic stuff that gets me!  Like, why would anyone in his White House expose the cover of a CIA operative, which to me is treason, then support those that did it or lied about it to cover for some one else?  They should have been sent to prison and put on trial for treason!

He’s afraid of “domestic criminal prosecution” probably because the US still has the death penalty, so his best bet would be put on trial by the international community rather than the US.

Bush Feared Prosecution for War Crimes

Bush Feared Prosecution for War Crimes
In 2002, Gonzales urged Bush to protect them against “domestic criminal prosecution”

Because of the immense pressure brought by the Indict Bush movement, new revelations continue to come forth.

The Bush administration lied about the reason it decided to deprive detainees of Geneva Convention rights and protections. The real reason was that Bush and his lawyer decided that it was the best way to protect the President and other officials from criminal prosecution.
[Read more on about The real reason Bush tore up the Geneva Conventions]

[Sign petition to Attorney General Eric Holder]

Torture Accountability Action Day in D.C.
11am-12noon: Rally in John Marshall Park
(501 Pennsylvania Ave. NW)
12 noon: March to U.S. Department of Justice

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Revolution through People Power and Twitter!

I love this kind of democracy in action.  POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

It reminds me when people in California and across the state and the country protested Prop 8, but we had those prop 8 supporters calling us “Mobs.”  I just had to laugh because if that is a “mob” then they do not know what democracy is.  Demonstrations like this brink about change, and that change is brought about by the people, people power!

No one can stop that, but only a few created this kind of anger, and they all know who they are!

Power to the People!  We are NOT going away!

Revolution through People Power and Twitter!

Mock not. As the regime shut down other forms of communication, Twitter survived. With some remarkable results. Those rooftop chants that were becoming deafening in Tehran? A few hours ago, this concept of resistance was spread by a twitter message. Here’s the Twitter from a Moussavi supporter:

ALL internet & mobile networks are cut. We ask everyone in Tehran to go onto their rooftops and shout ALAHO AKBAR in protest #IranElection

That a new information technology could be improvised for this purpose so swiftly is a sign of the times. It reveals in Iran what the Obama campaign revealed in the United States. You cannot stop people any longer. You cannot control them any longer. They can bypass your established media; they can broadcast to one another; they can organize as never before.

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Christian’s Vandalize Buddhist Temple

I thought it was only the Nazi’s,  “white” supremacists or communists that vandalized and destroyed other people’s temples, but I guess I’ve been wrong all these years of.

This is big wake up call for me.

Rochester Buddhist Temple Vandalized

A Buddhist temple in Rochester has been vandalized twice over two weeks.

The Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incidents at the Buddhist Support Society.

Sgt. Scott Behrns says the second incident happened late Thursday or early Friday, when someone smashed spotlights and globe lights at the entrance to the property.

The weekend before, someone painted a cross on the driveway and the words “Jesus Saves” on the property.

Behrns says the person behind the incidents needs to “knock it off and grow up.”

Behrns says anyone who sees suspicious activity should call police.

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Yoo could face charges for his torture and detention memos

Yoo, could be held liable for creating a situation that caused the torture and abuse of an alleged “terrorist” Padilla.  White said “government layers are responsible for the foreseeable consequences of their conduct.”

Terrorist can sue over torture memos – Terrorism

A convicted terrorist can sue a former Bush administration lawyer for drafting the legal theories that led to his alleged torture, ruled a federal judge who said he was trying to balance a clash between war and the defense of personal freedoms.

The order by U.S. District Judge Jeffrey White of San Francisco is the first time a government lawyer has been held potentially liable for the abuse of detainees.

White refused to dismiss Jose Padilla’s lawsuit against former senior Justice Department official John Yoo on Friday. Yoo wrote memos on interrogation, detention and presidential powers for the department’s Office of Legal Counsel from 2001 to 2003. [read the full story about Yoo’s memos]

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Union Police Guards Pressed for Security Vests, but didn’t get them

If you can help donate a vest for the police guarding the Holocaust Museum, please contact them.  Thank you! Iraq war veteran John Morgenstein for his donation!

Unbelievable! Here we are fighting a war against alleged terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan, yet we have these right winged social conservatives attacking Free American’s because they don’t like the government or the people, and that is anti-American.

We all joined the Union, California did in the 1800’s with the understanding of equal protection, however we still have some people who are still “splittists” with the intent of trying to break apart our country.  They want each state to rule itself without the federal government, but what would happen to the free people in those states?  Would they be subjected to a dominant religion with intent to change each constitution at their will in each state targeting people they don’t like?  What would those same people do to the Native American population in those states?  That’s their land! We already know what the shooter thinks of people who are different, so that’s your answer.  It wouldn’t be proper to remove federal security of free American’s left to each state.  It’s like that for a reason, and that’s what make America, America!  If state law doesn’t protect the people with equal treatment, the that’s when the federal law should kick in to protect American citizens because some states would use their religious fatwa’s to target groups of American’s, and it’s happening right now…

James von Brunn, thinks his genetices or DNA is “pure,” yet it’s not very different than any other human being, it’s 99% the same genetic material with a small amount for hair color and a few other things that make us look different.

Officers Involved In Von Brunn Shooting Were Union Members Who Had Pressed For Security Vests

This morning on NBC’s Today Show, Sara Bloomfield, director of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, commended the security police professionals who were able to so quickly take down shooter James von Brunn and save the lives of other visitors and staff members at the institution:

BLOOMFIELD: Well, we obviously take security very very seriously. It’s our highest priority — the safety of our visitors and our staff. … But everything happened yesterday as we train for these things. And as I think you’ve reported, two of our officers did attack this assailant and none of our visitors were hurt, so we feel that this actually worked extremely well, in terms of how many lives were saved in this incident. And again, we want to commend our officers who responded so well and pay tribute to Officer Johns, who also behaved so heroically in this incident.  [Union Police Guards Pressed for Security Vests, Yet didn’t get them]

Update After this post, ThinkProgress heard from Iraq war veteran John Morgenstein, who has two concealable bullet-proof vests left over from his tour of duty and is now attempting to donate them to the officers at the Holocaust Museum. If others are interested in similar donations, contact SPFPA D.C. Director Assane Faye at (800) 228-7492.

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TARP Funds Returned to Tax Payers

And some people for one reason or another are calling Obama a communist!  Ha!  They’re just whining because they don’t like him; but how can you not like some one who is doing good for the greater population of American’s?  We all pay taxes, one way or another, you pay taxes on your rent, you pay taxes when you buy groceries, etc.  Obama didn’t start all that, that’s they way’s it’s always been, and the IRS requires that you pay your taxes regardless of who the president is at any given time.

People want to live in a safe community with nice roads and freeway’s, but they don’t want to pay the taxes for that upkeep is ridiculous. No one likes taxes, but that’s the way it is.   Any federal taxes should be returned to the each state dependent on how much was paid, so the states can pay their federal bills, and fix our transportation system.  Everyone cry’s about the freeway’s being so congested, but they don’t want to pay the tax to fix those problems.  What do people think the taxes are for to pay of CEO’s that can’t run a business, so it fails.  It shouldn’t be used for that, if the company fails it’s their problem not the tax payer.  Like any other business they should suffer the consequences of their deeds.

GOPer’s or “republican” always allege that they are the “no tax” increase party, yet they take all this pork and allow their president to go on a spending spree with our tax dollars.  Well, that’s all gone now guy’s, so what do we do?  We had a very nice surplus about 9 years ago, and now we’re in a trillion dollar debt.  Sure you don’t want to pay or raise taxes, but who’s going to pay that BIG credit card bill to the banking industry?  The tax payers have to pay that bill, your president, Mr. Bush spent it with your approval.  Where did all that money go?  Well, Cheney’s Haliburton probably received a good lump sum for not even bidding on the job, it was just given to them, as well as other companies in favor of the Bush’s.  This kind of reckless financial behavior is what put us in this mess.  So, what ever happened that mysterious party that suppose to be so fiscally sound?  It’s a delusion!  It never existed, it’s just a ploy to get your vote!

    Obama has constantly said repeatedly that “I have no interest in managing the banking system — or, for that matter, running auto companies or other private institutions.”

So,  these people alleging that Obama is a communist, is nothing more than whining.  He’s doing a good job cleaning up the mess he’s inherited, yet your still whining because he won the election for President.  Unbelievable!  I think, we’ll probably still hear from those same people that he’s turning this country into a communist country, even after hearing Obama’s comment over and over again.

If you don’t want to pay taxes, then how do we as a society get the money a society needs to fix America’s infrastructure or advance and protect our society as a whole?  When you go to your private clubs and pay your dues, do you whine about that?  Well, your part of America’s society, and a society has to progress if it wants to survive.  Bush was willing to spend that tax money, but he didn’t bother figuring out how to replace that money, instead he put everything on credit, so that American’s will be paying that credit and interest rate back for generations, and it’s all going to the bankers, the very people who have caused this economic meltdown, not to mention Bush’s exorbitant spending spree.

TARP Funds Returned, Spending Reined In
Posted by Jesse Lee
Today the President spoke in the East Room of the White House, bearing good news for the taxpayer. The President’s intention was to discuss all of the progress already underway on the fiscal responsibility front, from ending the kind of wasteful no-bid contracting we have all come to know, to cutting unnecessary programs, to eliminating subsidies lavished on health insurance companies through Medicare.

At the top of the list was codifying the PAYGO principle, stating that government cannot spend an additional dollar without saving it somewhere else, into law. As the President often notes — and noted again today — it is a principle that families are forced to live by and one that helped balance the government’s books for years before it was abandoned. [read full story of TARP funds returned]

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