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TARP Funds Returned to Tax Payers

And some people for one reason or another are calling Obama a communist!  Ha!  They’re just whining because they don’t like him; but how can you not like some one who is doing good for the greater population of American’s?  We all pay taxes, one way or another, you pay taxes on your rent, you pay taxes when you buy groceries, etc.  Obama didn’t start all that, that’s they way’s it’s always been, and the IRS requires that you pay your taxes regardless of who the president is at any given time.

People want to live in a safe community with nice roads and freeway’s, but they don’t want to pay the taxes for that upkeep is ridiculous. No one likes taxes, but that’s the way it is.   Any federal taxes should be returned to the each state dependent on how much was paid, so the states can pay their federal bills, and fix our transportation system.  Everyone cry’s about the freeway’s being so congested, but they don’t want to pay the tax to fix those problems.  What do people think the taxes are for to pay of CEO’s that can’t run a business, so it fails.  It shouldn’t be used for that, if the company fails it’s their problem not the tax payer.  Like any other business they should suffer the consequences of their deeds.

GOPer’s or “republican” always allege that they are the “no tax” increase party, yet they take all this pork and allow their president to go on a spending spree with our tax dollars.  Well, that’s all gone now guy’s, so what do we do?  We had a very nice surplus about 9 years ago, and now we’re in a trillion dollar debt.  Sure you don’t want to pay or raise taxes, but who’s going to pay that BIG credit card bill to the banking industry?  The tax payers have to pay that bill, your president, Mr. Bush spent it with your approval.  Where did all that money go?  Well, Cheney’s Haliburton probably received a good lump sum for not even bidding on the job, it was just given to them, as well as other companies in favor of the Bush’s.  This kind of reckless financial behavior is what put us in this mess.  So, what ever happened that mysterious party that suppose to be so fiscally sound?  It’s a delusion!  It never existed, it’s just a ploy to get your vote!

    Obama has constantly said repeatedly that “I have no interest in managing the banking system — or, for that matter, running auto companies or other private institutions.”

So,  these people alleging that Obama is a communist, is nothing more than whining.  He’s doing a good job cleaning up the mess he’s inherited, yet your still whining because he won the election for President.  Unbelievable!  I think, we’ll probably still hear from those same people that he’s turning this country into a communist country, even after hearing Obama’s comment over and over again.

If you don’t want to pay taxes, then how do we as a society get the money a society needs to fix America’s infrastructure or advance and protect our society as a whole?  When you go to your private clubs and pay your dues, do you whine about that?  Well, your part of America’s society, and a society has to progress if it wants to survive.  Bush was willing to spend that tax money, but he didn’t bother figuring out how to replace that money, instead he put everything on credit, so that American’s will be paying that credit and interest rate back for generations, and it’s all going to the bankers, the very people who have caused this economic meltdown, not to mention Bush’s exorbitant spending spree.

TARP Funds Returned, Spending Reined In
Posted by Jesse Lee
Today the President spoke in the East Room of the White House, bearing good news for the taxpayer. The President’s intention was to discuss all of the progress already underway on the fiscal responsibility front, from ending the kind of wasteful no-bid contracting we have all come to know, to cutting unnecessary programs, to eliminating subsidies lavished on health insurance companies through Medicare.

At the top of the list was codifying the PAYGO principle, stating that government cannot spend an additional dollar without saving it somewhere else, into law. As the President often notes — and noted again today — it is a principle that families are forced to live by and one that helped balance the government’s books for years before it was abandoned. [read full story of TARP funds returned]


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