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Union Police Guards Pressed for Security Vests, but didn’t get them

If you can help donate a vest for the police guarding the Holocaust Museum, please contact them.  Thank you! Iraq war veteran John Morgenstein for his donation!

Unbelievable! Here we are fighting a war against alleged terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan, yet we have these right winged social conservatives attacking Free American’s because they don’t like the government or the people, and that is anti-American.

We all joined the Union, California did in the 1800’s with the understanding of equal protection, however we still have some people who are still “splittists” with the intent of trying to break apart our country.  They want each state to rule itself without the federal government, but what would happen to the free people in those states?  Would they be subjected to a dominant religion with intent to change each constitution at their will in each state targeting people they don’t like?  What would those same people do to the Native American population in those states?  That’s their land! We already know what the shooter thinks of people who are different, so that’s your answer.  It wouldn’t be proper to remove federal security of free American’s left to each state.  It’s like that for a reason, and that’s what make America, America!  If state law doesn’t protect the people with equal treatment, the that’s when the federal law should kick in to protect American citizens because some states would use their religious fatwa’s to target groups of American’s, and it’s happening right now…

James von Brunn, thinks his genetices or DNA is “pure,” yet it’s not very different than any other human being, it’s 99% the same genetic material with a small amount for hair color and a few other things that make us look different.

Officers Involved In Von Brunn Shooting Were Union Members Who Had Pressed For Security Vests

This morning on NBC’s Today Show, Sara Bloomfield, director of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, commended the security police professionals who were able to so quickly take down shooter James von Brunn and save the lives of other visitors and staff members at the institution:

BLOOMFIELD: Well, we obviously take security very very seriously. It’s our highest priority — the safety of our visitors and our staff. … But everything happened yesterday as we train for these things. And as I think you’ve reported, two of our officers did attack this assailant and none of our visitors were hurt, so we feel that this actually worked extremely well, in terms of how many lives were saved in this incident. And again, we want to commend our officers who responded so well and pay tribute to Officer Johns, who also behaved so heroically in this incident.  [Union Police Guards Pressed for Security Vests, Yet didn’t get them]

Update After this post, ThinkProgress heard from Iraq war veteran John Morgenstein, who has two concealable bullet-proof vests left over from his tour of duty and is now attempting to donate them to the officers at the Holocaust Museum. If others are interested in similar donations, contact SPFPA D.C. Director Assane Faye at (800) 228-7492.


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