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Bush Feared Prosecution for War Crimes

As more pressure mounts on the Bush Administration’s War Crimes, new evidence keeps showing up that proves the guilt, and lies told to American’s during his service in office as President of the United States!    They don’t care about the Geneva Convention, the international law that also protects American soldiers from torture.  Tear that up, you open the door against Our Soldiers, so how can they really “Support Our Troops” by tearing up an important law against torture?

I’m sorry, he shouldn’t have been such a puppet to his advisers or anyone else that would have advised him to go against any laws or the basic principles of the Unites States constitution.  It would be hard to name names because he was the President and had the last word, so as he might say “the buck stops here” he’s the President and the one ultimately responsible for what happened in his watch at the White House.

It’s even the basic stuff that gets me!  Like, why would anyone in his White House expose the cover of a CIA operative, which to me is treason, then support those that did it or lied about it to cover for some one else?  They should have been sent to prison and put on trial for treason!

He’s afraid of “domestic criminal prosecution” probably because the US still has the death penalty, so his best bet would be put on trial by the international community rather than the US.

Bush Feared Prosecution for War Crimes

Bush Feared Prosecution for War Crimes
In 2002, Gonzales urged Bush to protect them against “domestic criminal prosecution”

Because of the immense pressure brought by the Indict Bush movement, new revelations continue to come forth.

The Bush administration lied about the reason it decided to deprive detainees of Geneva Convention rights and protections. The real reason was that Bush and his lawyer decided that it was the best way to protect the President and other officials from criminal prosecution.
[Read more on about The real reason Bush tore up the Geneva Conventions]

[Sign petition to Attorney General Eric Holder]

Torture Accountability Action Day in D.C.
11am-12noon: Rally in John Marshall Park
(501 Pennsylvania Ave. NW)
12 noon: March to U.S. Department of Justice


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