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56 Million Chinese Leaving the Chinese Communist Party; Sounds Familiar!

This sort of reminds of people leaving the RNC for their strange ideology and repressive dogmatic views.  Accept people seem to be taking longer to leave, over the past 20 years since adopting those ideological views.  The old RNC was just fine, but these neo-conservatives have gone dogmatic with social conservative views that target our families and our private lives.

All these regimes around the world are going to collapse because they persecute their own people for ridiculous things whether communist ideology or religious ideology.  Leave people alone and let them do their own thing and everything will be great!  Sure there will be problems, but free choice without doing harm is a better way of life.

This world doesn’t need dictators or regimes that repress the people or their paths in life.

Supporting 56 Million Chinese Leaving the CCP

The “Quit the CCP Center” in Tokyo hosted a parade to support 56 million Chinese withdrawing from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) on June 21. People from Tokyo and surrounding cities as far away as Kansai, have shown their support by joining the event despite the rain.

Led by the Celestial Marching Band, participants marched around downtown Tokyo with banners stating “Support 56 million Chinese’ withdrawal from CCP”, “Disintegrate the CCP, Stop the persecution”, “Stop persecuting Falun Gong” and so forth. Along the path, participants also announced through loudspeakers that the historical violence and lies of CCP are destined to collapse. [Read 56million Chinese Leave CCP]


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