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Clueless ancien-régime conservatives trying hard to hang on to their traditional feudal system

This is a great article!  I know I’ve been seeing a lot of these social conservative do these things for the past 20 years which btw it’s bad for the Republican party.  The Republican party shouldn’t have allowed that kind of dogma to enter into it’s party because now I see the party as hypocritical, and since I don’t like being hypocritical, I left the party long ago.  I’m sure true republican’s will feel the same way, and I’m glad that finally some are speaking out, like McCains mother!

The party as it is right now is about sex, and what they can do to stop it, except when it comes to them and their personal issues!  Very strange indeed!

They Got Some ’Splainin’ to Do

AS political theater, the Sonia Sotomayor hearings tanked faster than the 2008 Fred Thompson presidential campaign. They boasted no drama to rival the Clarence-Anita slapdown, the Bork hissy fits or the tearful exodus of Samuel Alito’s wife. There was rarely a moment to match even the high point of the Senate’s previous grilling of Sotomayor — in 1997, when she was elevated to the Second Circuit. It was then that Senator John Ashcroft of Missouri previewed the brand of white male legal wisdom that would soon become his hallmark at the Bush Justice Department. “Do you believe there’s a constitutional right to homosexual conduct by prisoners?” he asked. (She aced it: “No, sir.”)

Yet the Sotomayor show was still rich in historical significance. Someday we may regard it as we do those final, frozen tableaus of Pompeii. It offered a vivid snapshot of what Washington looked like when clueless ancien-régime conservatives were feebly clinging to their last levers of power, blissfully oblivious to the new America that was crashing down on their heads and reducing their antics to a sideshow as ridiculous as it was obsolescent.

[Read the full “They Got Some ‘Splainin’ to Do]


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Religious extremism at it’s best

This is so funny, and it brings out hidden issues in relation to religion that many don’t realize. I haven’t seen the movie, but I imagine it’s hilarious!  I’m laughing at the stunts, but at the same time I’m cringing at those “religious” people on how immediate they are willing to attack  another person.

Seems like the problems in that alleged “holy land” will always be about attacking and killing people, no matter what!

Go Bruno!

Bruno has a gay ole time in the Holy Land

Bruno’s flamboyant sashay across the Middle East has succeeded in one thing – uniting Sacha Baron Cohen’s unwitting Israeli and Palestinian victims in their joint disdain for his latest comedic creation.

Bruno is an over-the-top gay Austrian fashionista with a Nazi streak whose goal is to become the biggest Austrian celebrity since Hitler. To do so he travels to America, where he is told he must take on a charitable cause to achieve worldwide fame. So he decides to bring peace to a troubled place he calls “Middle Earth.”

There, he nearly sparks a riot in an ultra-Orthodox Jewish neighborhood in Jerusalem when he struts down the street in a sexed-up Hassidic outfit that includes skintight shorts. On the Palestinian side, he tries to convince a West Bank militant to kidnap him, while giving the man condescending fashion tips. Bruno confuses the popular chickpea spread “hummus” with the Islamic militant group “Hamas” when he tries to bring together Israeli and Palestinian personalities to make peace.

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Adultery, Sex and the RNC GOP- Social Conservatives Infatuation with Sex

Another Republican Senator had an Affair!  It’s always those who point the finger and interfere with other peoples personal lives who are doing just what they are saying we can’t do.  They complain about OUR sex lives, which btw, is perfectly normal, yet here these social conservatives are telling us we should not being doing these things, yet they’re ALL  doing it themselves!

This reminds me of the ministers in my own church who preached against adultery, infidelity, homosexuality and any other word with the phrase that has anything to do with the word Sex!  OMG!  Sex!  OMG! …….  Guess what, these people were having sex with each other’s wives, not to mention other church leaders stealing from the donations, so they can buy new cars and homes when the church itself needed a new building.

Is sex the only word in these social conservatives vocabulary, or is it just when they don’t like other people having sex?

Wife of ex-GOP Rep. Pickering claims he had affair

The estranged wife of former U.S. Rep. Chip Pickering claims in a lawsuit that the Mississippi Republican had an affair that ruined their marriage and derailed his political career.

Leisha Pickering said in the lawsuit filed this week that her husband and the woman dated in college, reconnected and began having an affair while he was in Congress and living in a building where several Christian lawmakers reside on C Street near the U.S. Capitol. Chip Pickering is the third Republican with ties to the building at 133 C Street SE to find his personal life making headlines in recent weeks, after Nevada U.S. Sen. John Ensign and South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford.

Leisha Pickering is seeking unspecified damages in the alienation of affection lawsuit she filed this week against Elizabeth Creekmore Byrd of Jackson. The Pickerings filed for divorce in June 2008, but it is not complete.

Chip Pickering, 45, was elected to Congress in 1996, retired in January and is now a lobbyist in Washington for Cellular South, the company Creekmore Byrd’s family owns. The lawsuit does not say when the affair started.

He said in a statement Thursday that his marriage is irreparably damaged.

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Fear base laws and bigotry targeting select groups of people

Sotomayer is right!  It’s really sad that people do things based on fear! 

We have laws and the constitution that should protect ALL American citizens equally.  It’s there! Yet, some how we have conniving extremists who want to change and manipulate laws base on fear and bigotry toward other people, and specifically target groups of people based on fear and extremist dogmatic views that don’t even belong to the greater population. 

Those views are personal to them and them alone.  A society should not make laws that target specific groups of people unequally.  If any laws exists now, and there are several, that are based on bigotry and extremist dogmatic views should also be abolished.

Those bigoted laws and the people behind them will soon be recognized.

Live Blogging Sotomayor Hearings, Day 2

Never Rule From Fear | 3:04 p.m. In trying to get at rulings made during wartime, Senator Feingold mentions the World War II decision Korematsu v. United States (in 1944), which permitted the detention in camps of citizens of Japanese descent. (A brief explanation of the case here.)

“A judge should never rule from fear,” Judge Sotomayor says in a very strong voice. “A judge should rule from the law and the Constitution.” She calls it “inconceivable” that a decision today would permit the arrest and detention of people based solely on their race.

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Progressive thinking has been around for a long time. Open your mind.

Eastern thought or medicine is not a “new age” thing. 

It’s an ancient belief and practice.  Not sure who started saying that eastern medicine is a new age thing or that Buddhism is a “new age” spiritual practice, both of which are much older than western medicine or religions that are not ancient.

Healing & Spirituality | Buddhism and molecular physics intertwine

……  The idea of structural theory is similar to the Buddhist notion of all events and objects beings linked to each other,” he said.

Giving an interesting twist to conventional religious doctrine, Geshe Nyma said that “contradictions in scientific theory, much like debate in philosophy is always welcome in the scheme of Buddhism, since it encourages thought and therefore progress.”

Though Quantum Physics might apparently have little to do with Buddhist philosophy, the monk explained by saying that “the idea that things like time and space as not fixed, absolute has moved it to the realm of philosophical thinking.” Moving on to molecular physics, Geshe Nyma noted that “some Daribazaron of the earliest Buddhist scriptures had theorised on the atomic structure of matter, which had then branched off into the idea of existence and nothingness at later times.”

Delving into psychology, the Buddhist scholar observed that “while modern psychology and neuro-science has established the fact that the human mind works at multiple levels – the conscious, the subconscious and the unconscious, the idea toes the line with the Buddhist notion of chitta and siddha, that of the conscious mind and the ‘settled’ mind that may be roused through meditative practices.”

[Read the full article of Buddhism and molecular physics intertwine]

Bodhicitta Organic T-Shirt

Bodhicitta is the awakened heart or awakened mind and works for the good of all beings as if it were his own. The wish to attain enlightenment for the benefit of all sentient beings.

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Bias Religious Dogma Should Stay Out of Politics

This is what happens when you have religion dictating the lives of the people!  It’s always their way or no way because they are the supreme being, in most cases it’s like that depending on how the faith respects the differences of others or not.

If this were to happen in the US it would probably be Christian’s dictating similar dogma through a supreme leader that would end up attacking the diverse population and minority groups of America, claiming tradition!   This probably wouldn’t happen, but I see some fanatics trying to do it through petitions in favor of their own religion disregarding the faith of others or those that are non believers.  That’s what happens when people bring in religion.  America has long understood that religion should be kept out of politics, but we have these neo Christian’s who are trying to claim otherwise and push their religion on the rest of us.  Their claim of tradition is flawed because “traditions” in America have always evolved, but they don’t want to evolve when it comes to a particular group of people.  Heck, slavery was traditional, divorce was not traditional, women working is not traditional and so on those traditions change when you come to America.

So many other groups that came to America are told your American know, you don’t need those traditions, yet they claim tradition in the name of Christianity when it suits their particular cause, and disregard all the other traditions that they do not follow because were in America now, it’s all oxymoron.  They alleged marriage is traditional to the church, yet they divorce numerous times, have adulterous affairs and bastard children all over the place, and you can easily check family history for all that.

Were American now, we don’t need all those traditions they would say, but unless it’s their tradition and they allege it is then they expect every one to abide by those rules.  It’s a joke!

Sure you can have your views, but your religion shouldn’t interfere with the lives of other people, much lest their personal lives, and we shouldn’t be allowing votes based on religious views that target a minority group of people.  These are things we all need to be aware of.

Iran’s Clergy Step Up Anti-Government Protests

With Iran’s political opposition running out of legal avenues to fight what it sees as fraudulent presidential elections, members of Iran’s powerful clerical class are stepping up their own anti-government protests in defiance of the country’s Supreme Ruler.

An association of religious scholars seen as politically neutral in the dispute between President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Mir Houssein Mousavi sharpened the debate, calling the country’s highest election arbiter, the Guardian Council, biased and the June 12 election results “invalid.”

The statement carries moral weight — especially after the security forces have quashed street protests and jailed hundreds of opposition supporters — but has little practical ability to change the certification of Mr. Ahmadinejad as the winner.

It does, however, highlight a growing unease among Iran’s scholarly ruling class about the direction of the country and questions about the theological underpinning of the Islamic Republic: the assumption that the supreme leader and the institutions under him are infallible.

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Science Connects to Buddha Nature and Inner Consciousness

Everyone should learn the basic concepts of science and evolve with it. I’ve always loved science because it’s connected to everything around us, the trees, the birds, the insects to the foods we eat!  The world is an amazing place! Having a degree in science, and coming from a family of Buddhists for many generations, I can understand the Dalai Lama’s interest and excitement in science, I’m still evolving.   I agree, totally love Dhondup’s question, because my knowledge and understanding of science has helped me to understand Buddhism better, though I still have a lot more to learn about Buddhist teachings into consciousness, my inner being.

Wouldn’t mind taking the course myself, so I hope the scientists eventually bring the Buddhist science teaching model home to America, so we can educate ourselves here to.

Teaching the Dalai Lama’s Monks: Better Religion Through Science

Do bacteria require light?” Tashi, one of my best students, wants to know. He sits there in Dharamsala, India, like his Buddhist monk colleagues, cross-legged on the floor in maroon robes, six hours a day learning science from a tall white Jewish guy from North Carolina.

Religion often has a hard time of it, especially among academics, and especially among scientists. Of course academics have no problem studying religion and raising big money to establish endowed chairs, centers, and institutes devoted to just that. But when actually being religious or even discussing personal beliefs or spirituality at all, is rare and, if anything, discouraged. To me this is an odd and disturbing social conundrum: let’s take our best thinkers and idea-people, theorizers, and policy developers and eradicate any discussion of personal belief, religion, or spirituality from their official discourse. Brilliant.

So, it’s refreshing to be part of a project, an experiment really, in which academics are actively engaging religious tradition and belief. Even better, and ironically, this engagement is driven by scientists; the very folks many blame for hammering personal belief out of intellectual conversation in the West in the first place.

[read the full article on Better Religion Through Science]


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Hot Money [Broker Desposits] Continue to Grow at Tax Payer Expense

These companies, bankers, created the economic mess, right?  They get a bail out [stimulus package] and these people are saying “were paying the money back,” well, sure your paying the money back, but it was given to help prevent bankruptcy because they were already in default!

Many were are in default, so they received help from the Tax Payers [stimulus package]!

Okay, so they’re paying it back, but that Tax Payer money helped them out!

Right now, people are having a hard time because of the economic difficulties brought about by these bankers, yet people who are currently in default because of the economic hardships brought about are NOT getting a Stimulus Package to help them out!

They’re so quick to say they’re paying it back!

So, why can’t these bankers help others protect their credit by working with them, so they to do not go into default of their loans or credit? 

Why are these bankers so quick to destroy OUR credit as a result of economic hardship brought about from these bankers, when they get help to prevent bankruptcy after being in default, but they don’t want to help the People who helped them prevent bankruptcy, and are quick to report it to your credit rating when we go into default?

Ambitious Small Banks Get Wads of Cash and Loads of Trouble

H. Averett Walker used hot money to turn Security Bank from a sleepy Southern lender into a regional powerhouse. Darrell D. Pittard used hot money to jump-start his brand-new MagnetBank, allowing it to lend hundreds of millions of dollars even though it did not have a single drive-up window or even a customer with a checking account.

It is a formula being replicated at banks across the United States.

Rather than simply wooing local customers, they have turned to out-of-state brokers who deliver billions of dollars in bulk deposits, widely known as “hot money,” from investors nationwide. In fast-growing regions like this one in central Georgia, the money produced record bank profits and financed whole new communities, built at a phenomenal rate.

But the hot money also came with a high cost. To lure the money from brokers, banks typically had to offer unusually high rates. That, in turn, often led them to make ever riskier loans, leaving them vulnerable when the economy collapsed. Magnet failed early this year and Security Bank is barely hanging on.

Though few people have heard of it, hot money — or brokered deposits, as it is also known in the industry — is one of the primary factors in the accelerating wave of failures among small and regional banks nationwide. The estimated cost to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation over the last 18 months is $7.7 billion, and growing.

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