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Fear base laws and bigotry targeting select groups of people

Sotomayer is right!  It’s really sad that people do things based on fear! 

We have laws and the constitution that should protect ALL American citizens equally.  It’s there! Yet, some how we have conniving extremists who want to change and manipulate laws base on fear and bigotry toward other people, and specifically target groups of people based on fear and extremist dogmatic views that don’t even belong to the greater population. 

Those views are personal to them and them alone.  A society should not make laws that target specific groups of people unequally.  If any laws exists now, and there are several, that are based on bigotry and extremist dogmatic views should also be abolished.

Those bigoted laws and the people behind them will soon be recognized.

Live Blogging Sotomayor Hearings, Day 2

Never Rule From Fear | 3:04 p.m. In trying to get at rulings made during wartime, Senator Feingold mentions the World War II decision Korematsu v. United States (in 1944), which permitted the detention in camps of citizens of Japanese descent. (A brief explanation of the case here.)

“A judge should never rule from fear,” Judge Sotomayor says in a very strong voice. “A judge should rule from the law and the Constitution.” She calls it “inconceivable” that a decision today would permit the arrest and detention of people based solely on their race.


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