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Religious extremism at it’s best

This is so funny, and it brings out hidden issues in relation to religion that many don’t realize. I haven’t seen the movie, but I imagine it’s hilarious!  I’m laughing at the stunts, but at the same time I’m cringing at those “religious” people on how immediate they are willing to attack  another person.

Seems like the problems in that alleged “holy land” will always be about attacking and killing people, no matter what!

Go Bruno!

Bruno has a gay ole time in the Holy Land

Bruno’s flamboyant sashay across the Middle East has succeeded in one thing – uniting Sacha Baron Cohen’s unwitting Israeli and Palestinian victims in their joint disdain for his latest comedic creation.

Bruno is an over-the-top gay Austrian fashionista with a Nazi streak whose goal is to become the biggest Austrian celebrity since Hitler. To do so he travels to America, where he is told he must take on a charitable cause to achieve worldwide fame. So he decides to bring peace to a troubled place he calls “Middle Earth.”

There, he nearly sparks a riot in an ultra-Orthodox Jewish neighborhood in Jerusalem when he struts down the street in a sexed-up Hassidic outfit that includes skintight shorts. On the Palestinian side, he tries to convince a West Bank militant to kidnap him, while giving the man condescending fashion tips. Bruno confuses the popular chickpea spread “hummus” with the Islamic militant group “Hamas” when he tries to bring together Israeli and Palestinian personalities to make peace.


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  1. I loved Bruno! it was SO funny ! LOLz

    I hope you read my little review on Bruno’s Dick ( LOL )on my blog Not Sure…
    here is a link

    See you on my blog, leave me a comment!

    Comment by Mouhanad | July 18, 2009 | Reply

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