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The Boycot of Glen Beck Shows and Fox for Hate Speech

I don’t understand why Fox has some one that keeps spreading lies and hate toward other people, is that what Fox is about? 

Obama is multi-ethnic and his mother is Caucasian!   It’s silly for this guy to say Obama has “deep seated hatred for white people”  those are not facts.  Obama loved his grandmother who’s of Caucasian origins or “white” as that guy would like to put it.

Him insinuated that Obama is a Nazi is oxymoron because Nazi‘s as well as the KKK are the ones who keep pushing some alleged “white” culture!  We are American’s and we live in an American culture which is a diverse culture and should be free according to our constitutions.

People like Glen Beck are the ones who are anti-American and spreading hate towards other American’s who are not Caucasian, and if people like him don’t like it, then they should go back to England.

These people should make up their minds on who they hate as well, they used to hate the French because they were against Bush policies, now they’re alleging Obama is against “white” people!  What a joke of a show!  I’m sure the only people taking pleasure in his antics are those hate groups, Nazi’s, KKK, KKKK and other fanatical Christian groups that target REAL American’s.  Educate yourself about religious fascists, terrorists and fanatical groups [Jim Jones, Timothy McVeigh, Branch Davidian, etc.]

Glen Beck is preaching to people hate, and how many people are listening to his hate speaches?  How many people who know nothing about the truth, and all their lives have listened to people like Glen Beck preaching hate toward other people in the church’s alleging some conspiracy against “white” people? 

Apple targeted in Fox News ad boycott

Apple (AAPL), a company that counts Al Gore among its board members and whose CEO once dated Joan Baez, found itself the unlikely target of an advertising boycott campaign this week.

The issue is an iPhone ad that appeared on the Aug. 7 broadcast of the Glenn Beck show on the Fox News Channel (NWS).

Under pressure from advocacy groups, more than a dozen companies, including ConAgra (CAG), Geico, Procter & Gamble (PG) and Progressive (PRG), have pulled their commercials from the conservative commentators’ show. (See here.)

The boycott was launched last month by ColorofChange.org after Beck made remarks on Fox and Friends that labeled President Obama a “racist” with a “deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture.”

[see full article about the boycott of Glen Beck Shows!]


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