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Parks and Our environment should be respected and cared for generations to come

and Inhofe say’s that “god” is still up there as if he is not down here or anywhere else! 

When I was growing up I was taught that god is all around us and within us all.  Having said that we should all respect the environment instead of trashing it, as well as respect the things around us.  It’s what the First American’s believed as well; they took care of the land and respected what was in it, and used only what they needed, but when the third wave of immigrants came to this land and brought with them their views of god.  They destroyed and trashed much of the land along with killing these First American’s and took their lands, it’s how they were able to get rich so fast. 

Even today, these same types of religious people don’t give a damn about our country or the affects they are causing to it, and they’d rather ignore the evidence ,scientific evidence, over their dogmatic view and/or hate toward a person who is educating people about these issues.  It’s amazing to see the venom spewing from their mouths about people who want to protect our environment.  These are alleged “god” fearing people?

Ken Burns on His National Parks Documentary

What is it that you love so much about the parks?
They could’ve only been invented in America, where people were free, and it isn’t just a political freedom—this is where I think we get all tangled up in knots all the time. The original impulse of the national parks is spiritual. In the United States, the first tangible manifestations of this is the transcendental movement, and later the Hudson River/Rocky Mountain School of Art: it’s saying that you could find God in nature more easily than through a dogmatic devotion that required you to find God in a cathedral built by the hands of man.


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