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Conservatives Glad Chicago Lost the Olympic Bid

Their such a waste to this country! 

They protest and take delight that Chicago didn’t win the Olympics because Our President spoke in favor of it?  If he hadn’t spoken in favor of it, I’m sure they wouldn’t have taken delight.  They’re pitiful, they want President Obama to fail as President and they are doing everything they can to prevent any of his policies to pass.  The Republican GOP and their fanatical religious right winged groups are useless to this countries progress.  They’ve had the White House and congress for at least eight years, and they did nothing but put American in debt in the trillions, took us to wars for alleged terrorist in a country that didn’t even hold Bin Laden along with more than 4000 US Soldiers killed, in the name of their conservatism.  The country’s infrastructure is falling apart, we have children who are going to bed hungry, and most of the homeless in America are veterans.  After eight years of Bush GOP conservatism we now have whole families that are homeless.

We voted for change in 2008, and now these conservative fanatical religious GOP groups are doing everything they possibly can to prevent any policy of President Obama’s to succeed. 

What do they do for America, nothing.

Conservatives Delight In Olympic Snub To Obama

U.S. conservatives are celebrating like Brazilians after the failure of Chicago to win the 2016 Olympics despite the Copenhagen lobbying efforts of President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama to bring home the gold, as it were.

And their joy seems only magnified by Chicago being dumped from the competition for the games after just the first round of voting.


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