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Conservatives remove “liberal” passages from the bible

Who are they to determine what part of “gods” word is “liberal?”  Are they “gods” to think they can circumvent “gods” word?

This is so hilarious, and just proves my point in previous posts about how they’ve been rewriting the bible since the inquisitions. They do it so that it suits their own needs, and this just validates that the bible is simply written by men, and it’s not the word of “god” or “jesus” because it’s their own words.  Rewritten and retranslated who knows how many times.  The cronology doesn’t fit, it contradicts itself page after page because they’ve been removing information from it.

People just walk away from it, it’s all a farce.

Conservatives remove liberal passages from the Bible

“The eager young men at Conservapedia are p.o.’d that the Bible might be seen as too liberal. So they’ve come up with the Wiki-style Conservative Bible Project, to make sure the Lord doesn’t go all wobbly on us.”


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