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Utah lawmakers hear differing climate change views

I hear a lot of conservative alleging that their is no relation to human and climate change, but I wonder where they get their evidence.  Many scientist agree that the earth is warmer than is should be, and that evidence is based on scientific data, empirical data, yet the opposing scientist only state that more evidence is needed.  Okay, more evidence is needed, but what we have is a good enough reason to start making plans, and if a few years later we get the evidence from the opposing scientist they okay, but I hope that it would mean the people can continue trashing our earth.

Should people leave their trash in the street, and do they think that earth will clean itself?  They seem to  have a lot of fear and allege that this is a fear tactic, but I dispute that it’s a fear tactic because we have known about the climate changes for more than thirty years.  I remember seen a film and learning about changes brought about by human carelessness on the planet we call home more than thirty years ago. So, this can not be some alleged “fear tactic” because fear tactics require an immediate reaction, such as alleging their are terrorists all around us, so the President ends all domestic freedoms in order to combat this alleged terrorist, this is called fear tactics when it’s not even true.

Global warming knowledge has been around for decades, and many educated people already know about it.  Many have taken steps [little steps], but at least people started decades ago by recycling or composts.  It’s not that hard however more needs to be done by everyone in order to lower the C02 [350] levels in our air.

I see that some people seem to have a fear of losing jobs, but if that is the case then make jobs, their are jobs that can replace jobs that are pollutants to the earth, yet America is dragging it’s feet so that other country’s are taking up those jobs.  Last I heard China is the leader in creating wind driven power because American’s don’t want to do that.  Sounds very familiar with the High Speed Rail 30 years ago, that American’s also didn’t want to do, so the creator went to Europe to do it.

These conservatives in politics continue to hold back progress of this country.  That’s very sad!  It’s a wonder why 1 out of 6 American’s live in poverty because politicians keep holding us back, lets move forward and advance our country into the 21st century.

What you take must be replaced it’s as simple as that.  Tree’s clean our air, they take the C02 out of our air and give us O2 to breath.  If human’s continue to create C02, and cut down trees what do you think would happen?  That is basic science, but there are also more examples piling up!

Earth can not clean itself if the humans that create the excessive trash do nothing to help clean it, do you think earth will pick up your trash?  Earth needs help, what is so hard about helping keep earth clean?  Some of  you may live in small middle America where you don’t see what is happening, but look around you, look in other places, look at other countries and learn about other cultures and their history because their own history tells a story that climate change is happening.

I for one want to be clean, and I want a clean earth to live in.

Clean is a good thing! Don’t be afraid of cleanliness.

Utah lawmakers hear differing climate change views

Utah lawmakers are getting competing views on climate change, one emphasizing the vast scientific consensus about warming trends and humanity’s influence and another raising doubts about the root causes.

At a standing-room-only hearing at the Capitol Wednesday, the Public Utilities and Technology Interim Committee heard 90 minutes of testimony on climate change.

University of Utah scientist James Steenburgh, who led a state science panel on the expected effects of global warming in Utah, emphasized that temperatures are gradually rising and people are very likely to blame.

But University of Alabama researcher Roy Spencer offered doubts about that conclusion and said natural climate cycles should be more thoroughly investigated.

Lawmakers held the hearing as they follow Congress’ consideration of carbon cap and trade legislation.


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