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Richard Aoki’s Relationship with the Black Panthers a Documentary Film

Sounds like a good educational documentary for all to see.  Love Richard Aoki’s comment:  “We didn’t lose in the sixties, we just didn’t finish the job!”

Mass Action!  I agree totally, it seems that’s the only way to get our message across!  Though, some will call us Mobs, today.  You know what, those oppressors, can call us whatever they want, but they will never kill the spirit of freedom!  Find your Mob!

Aoki – a documentary film

AOKI is a documentary film chronicling the life of Richard Aoki (1938-2009), a third-generation Japanese American who became one of the founding members of the Black Panther Party. Filmed over the last five years of Richard’s life, this documentary features extensive footage with Richard and exclusive interviews with his comrades, friends, and former students. Viewers will learn about Richard’s childhood in a WWII Japanese American concentration camp, growing up in West Oakland, and serving eight years in the U.S. military. [read more]






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