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Rapist Suspect in Missing Teen Case in Custody

Update: Suspect in case of missing Poway girl accused of murder, rape

A suspect was arrested Sunday on preliminary charges of suspicion of murder and rape in the disappearance of Poway teen Chelsea King.

The suspect, identified as registered sex offender John Albert Gardner III, was arrested at a landmark restaurant and bar on the west side of Lake Hodges, Hernedez Hide-A-Way, on Lake Drive near Del Dios Highway at 4:30 p.m., according to the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department.

The 30-year-old resident of Lake Elsinore in Riverside County is described as being 6′2″ and 230 pounds. He has a previous conviction for lewd or lascivious acts with a child under 14 years of age.

Gardner is scheduled to be arraigned at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, March 3, in Department 12 at San Diego Superior Court downtown.

Gardner’s mother lives in the Westwood development of San Diego near Rancho Bernardo Community Park and Lake Hodges. It’s believed he had been staying there for several days.


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Lack of Education Or Just Pure Denial of Unnatural Climate Change With Today’s American Citizens?

I don’t know how “conservatives” or the majority of them, without any evidence at all can say that climate change is not occurring in a unnatural way!  I mean the evidence is there where ever you look, and even other peoples from other cultures have oral history that states the same.  Maybe they think because their a different culture that they don’t give a damn, but the facts remain that humans are causing a breakdown of our natural ecosystem where ever you look.  This isn’t about some alleged “leftist” trap hole, I heard that commented by some conservative as well.  Whether it be from peoples oral history or natural evidence all around us, from people getting sick to 10,000 year old sediment, earth core samples or melted thousand year old glaciers…!

I debated one lady who said; “the environment goes through a natural cycle every 70 to 100 years!”

Duh!  That’s not even the point, and I think the issue is WAY over her head!  I learned about the natural cycles of the eco system since grade school, yet I also knew about “global warming” since that time.  We are not talking about the natural cycles that may occur every 100 years or so, and we’re not even talking about the seasonal changes or the changes of drought that we might see every few years.  We are talking about the unnatural climate changes!  Hello!

Not sure where people are getting their education these day’s, but I don’t think a lot of them are getting a full education from an accredited school.  Something seems to be lacking, from science to even basic histories these day’s, and it’s even scary to see our leaders getting into office without a basic education.

Arctic Sediments Show That 20th Century Warming Is Unlike Natural Variation

The possibility that climate change might simply be a natural variation like others that have occurred throughout geologic time is dimming, according to evidence in a Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences paper published October 19.

The research reveals that sediments retrieved by University at Buffalo geologists from a remote Arctic lake are unlike those seen during previous warming episodes.

The UB researchers and their international colleagues were able to pinpoint that dramatic changes began occurring in unprecedented ways after the midpoint of the twentieth century.

“The sediments from the mid-20th century were not all that different from previous warming intervals,” said Jason P. Briner, PhD, assistant professor of geology in the UB College of Arts and Sciences. “But after that things really changed. And the change is unprecedented.”

The sediments are considered unique because they contain rare paleoclimate information about the past 200,000 years, providing a far longer record than most other sediments in the glaciated portion of the Arctic, which only reveals clues to the past 10,000 years.  [see full article]

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Utah lawmakers hear differing climate change views

I hear a lot of conservative alleging that their is no relation to human and climate change, but I wonder where they get their evidence.  Many scientist agree that the earth is warmer than is should be, and that evidence is based on scientific data, empirical data, yet the opposing scientist only state that more evidence is needed.  Okay, more evidence is needed, but what we have is a good enough reason to start making plans, and if a few years later we get the evidence from the opposing scientist they okay, but I hope that it would mean the people can continue trashing our earth.

Should people leave their trash in the street, and do they think that earth will clean itself?  They seem to  have a lot of fear and allege that this is a fear tactic, but I dispute that it’s a fear tactic because we have known about the climate changes for more than thirty years.  I remember seen a film and learning about changes brought about by human carelessness on the planet we call home more than thirty years ago. So, this can not be some alleged “fear tactic” because fear tactics require an immediate reaction, such as alleging their are terrorists all around us, so the President ends all domestic freedoms in order to combat this alleged terrorist, this is called fear tactics when it’s not even true.

Global warming knowledge has been around for decades, and many educated people already know about it.  Many have taken steps [little steps], but at least people started decades ago by recycling or composts.  It’s not that hard however more needs to be done by everyone in order to lower the C02 [350] levels in our air.

I see that some people seem to have a fear of losing jobs, but if that is the case then make jobs, their are jobs that can replace jobs that are pollutants to the earth, yet America is dragging it’s feet so that other country’s are taking up those jobs.  Last I heard China is the leader in creating wind driven power because American’s don’t want to do that.  Sounds very familiar with the High Speed Rail 30 years ago, that American’s also didn’t want to do, so the creator went to Europe to do it.

These conservatives in politics continue to hold back progress of this country.  That’s very sad!  It’s a wonder why 1 out of 6 American’s live in poverty because politicians keep holding us back, lets move forward and advance our country into the 21st century.

What you take must be replaced it’s as simple as that.  Tree’s clean our air, they take the C02 out of our air and give us O2 to breath.  If human’s continue to create C02, and cut down trees what do you think would happen?  That is basic science, but there are also more examples piling up!

Earth can not clean itself if the humans that create the excessive trash do nothing to help clean it, do you think earth will pick up your trash?  Earth needs help, what is so hard about helping keep earth clean?  Some of  you may live in small middle America where you don’t see what is happening, but look around you, look in other places, look at other countries and learn about other cultures and their history because their own history tells a story that climate change is happening.

I for one want to be clean, and I want a clean earth to live in.

Clean is a good thing! Don’t be afraid of cleanliness.

Utah lawmakers hear differing climate change views

Utah lawmakers are getting competing views on climate change, one emphasizing the vast scientific consensus about warming trends and humanity’s influence and another raising doubts about the root causes.

At a standing-room-only hearing at the Capitol Wednesday, the Public Utilities and Technology Interim Committee heard 90 minutes of testimony on climate change.

University of Utah scientist James Steenburgh, who led a state science panel on the expected effects of global warming in Utah, emphasized that temperatures are gradually rising and people are very likely to blame.

But University of Alabama researcher Roy Spencer offered doubts about that conclusion and said natural climate cycles should be more thoroughly investigated.

Lawmakers held the hearing as they follow Congress’ consideration of carbon cap and trade legislation.

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Out of Control Evangelical Christian’s on a Cruisade

This is what happens when Evangelical’s are allowed to control the people. Let’s hope we all stand for and defend Separation of Church and State laws in America, otherwise this crusade will start in the United States, AGAIN!  Keep religion out of politics, and don’t make laws favoring religious dogma or religious fatwa’s.  America takes pride in itself with the separation of church and state laws, but more recently voters voted in favor of a religious fatwa in California, and these same types of Evangelical Christian’s are moving across the states to change laws through voter fear tactics in favor of religious dogma.

Wake up people or the Crusades, Salem Witch Trials, or the Inquisitions will take place once again in the America’s.  Religious dogma should not be forced on those of us who do not practice that dogma, and children should be protected from the harm they may inflict upon them as a result of that dogmatic view.

If they had their way the killings would start today.

Beware of the history they try to distort.  Some of them allege things like the Holocaust, the First American Genocide never existed or happened in order to bolster alleged kindness toward the first people here, when they considered them “devils” fit for killing and taking of their land.  You think these people got rich by hard work, the land is stolen land.  Let’s not forget about the Christian terrorists of which the media doesn’t even mention, but they sure mention alleged Islamic “terrorists” and don’t even ask why they exist.

Many of our ancestors came here because they were persecuted for who they were by religious fanatics.  Stand up and defend Separation of Church and State!

Churches involved in torture, murder of thousands of African children denounced as witches

EKET, Nigeria (AP) — The nine-year-old boy lay on a bloodstained hospital sheet crawling with ants, staring blindly at the wall.

His family pastor had accused him of being a witch, and his father then tried to force acid down his throat as an exorcism. It spilled as he struggled, burning away his face and eyes. The emaciated boy barely had strength left to whisper the name of the church that had denounced him — Mount Zion Lighthouse.

A month later, he died.

Nwanaokwo Edet was one of an increasing number of children in Africa accused of witchcraft by pastors and then tortured or killed, often by family members. Pastors were involved in half of 200 cases of “witch children” reviewed by the AP, and 13 churches were named in the case files. [read full article]


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Bush Feared Prosecution for War Crimes

As more pressure mounts on the Bush Administration’s War Crimes, new evidence keeps showing up that proves the guilt, and lies told to American’s during his service in office as President of the United States!    They don’t care about the Geneva Convention, the international law that also protects American soldiers from torture.  Tear that up, you open the door against Our Soldiers, so how can they really “Support Our Troops” by tearing up an important law against torture?

I’m sorry, he shouldn’t have been such a puppet to his advisers or anyone else that would have advised him to go against any laws or the basic principles of the Unites States constitution.  It would be hard to name names because he was the President and had the last word, so as he might say “the buck stops here” he’s the President and the one ultimately responsible for what happened in his watch at the White House.

It’s even the basic stuff that gets me!  Like, why would anyone in his White House expose the cover of a CIA operative, which to me is treason, then support those that did it or lied about it to cover for some one else?  They should have been sent to prison and put on trial for treason!

He’s afraid of “domestic criminal prosecution” probably because the US still has the death penalty, so his best bet would be put on trial by the international community rather than the US.

Bush Feared Prosecution for War Crimes

Bush Feared Prosecution for War Crimes
In 2002, Gonzales urged Bush to protect them against “domestic criminal prosecution”

Because of the immense pressure brought by the Indict Bush movement, new revelations continue to come forth.

The Bush administration lied about the reason it decided to deprive detainees of Geneva Convention rights and protections. The real reason was that Bush and his lawyer decided that it was the best way to protect the President and other officials from criminal prosecution.
[Read more on about The real reason Bush tore up the Geneva Conventions]

[Sign petition to Attorney General Eric Holder]

Torture Accountability Action Day in D.C.
11am-12noon: Rally in John Marshall Park
(501 Pennsylvania Ave. NW)
12 noon: March to U.S. Department of Justice

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Revolution through People Power and Twitter!

I love this kind of democracy in action.  POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

It reminds me when people in California and across the state and the country protested Prop 8, but we had those prop 8 supporters calling us “Mobs.”  I just had to laugh because if that is a “mob” then they do not know what democracy is.  Demonstrations like this brink about change, and that change is brought about by the people, people power!

No one can stop that, but only a few created this kind of anger, and they all know who they are!

Power to the People!  We are NOT going away!

Revolution through People Power and Twitter!

Mock not. As the regime shut down other forms of communication, Twitter survived. With some remarkable results. Those rooftop chants that were becoming deafening in Tehran? A few hours ago, this concept of resistance was spread by a twitter message. Here’s the Twitter from a Moussavi supporter:

ALL internet & mobile networks are cut. We ask everyone in Tehran to go onto their rooftops and shout ALAHO AKBAR in protest #IranElection

That a new information technology could be improvised for this purpose so swiftly is a sign of the times. It reveals in Iran what the Obama campaign revealed in the United States. You cannot stop people any longer. You cannot control them any longer. They can bypass your established media; they can broadcast to one another; they can organize as never before.

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Christian’s Vandalize Buddhist Temple

I thought it was only the Nazi’s,  “white” supremacists or communists that vandalized and destroyed other people’s temples, but I guess I’ve been wrong all these years of.

This is big wake up call for me.

Rochester Buddhist Temple Vandalized

A Buddhist temple in Rochester has been vandalized twice over two weeks.

The Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incidents at the Buddhist Support Society.

Sgt. Scott Behrns says the second incident happened late Thursday or early Friday, when someone smashed spotlights and globe lights at the entrance to the property.

The weekend before, someone painted a cross on the driveway and the words “Jesus Saves” on the property.

Behrns says the person behind the incidents needs to “knock it off and grow up.”

Behrns says anyone who sees suspicious activity should call police.

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Union Police Guards Pressed for Security Vests, but didn’t get them

If you can help donate a vest for the police guarding the Holocaust Museum, please contact them.  Thank you! Iraq war veteran John Morgenstein for his donation!

Unbelievable! Here we are fighting a war against alleged terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan, yet we have these right winged social conservatives attacking Free American’s because they don’t like the government or the people, and that is anti-American.

We all joined the Union, California did in the 1800’s with the understanding of equal protection, however we still have some people who are still “splittists” with the intent of trying to break apart our country.  They want each state to rule itself without the federal government, but what would happen to the free people in those states?  Would they be subjected to a dominant religion with intent to change each constitution at their will in each state targeting people they don’t like?  What would those same people do to the Native American population in those states?  That’s their land! We already know what the shooter thinks of people who are different, so that’s your answer.  It wouldn’t be proper to remove federal security of free American’s left to each state.  It’s like that for a reason, and that’s what make America, America!  If state law doesn’t protect the people with equal treatment, the that’s when the federal law should kick in to protect American citizens because some states would use their religious fatwa’s to target groups of American’s, and it’s happening right now…

James von Brunn, thinks his genetices or DNA is “pure,” yet it’s not very different than any other human being, it’s 99% the same genetic material with a small amount for hair color and a few other things that make us look different.

Officers Involved In Von Brunn Shooting Were Union Members Who Had Pressed For Security Vests

This morning on NBC’s Today Show, Sara Bloomfield, director of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, commended the security police professionals who were able to so quickly take down shooter James von Brunn and save the lives of other visitors and staff members at the institution:

BLOOMFIELD: Well, we obviously take security very very seriously. It’s our highest priority — the safety of our visitors and our staff. … But everything happened yesterday as we train for these things. And as I think you’ve reported, two of our officers did attack this assailant and none of our visitors were hurt, so we feel that this actually worked extremely well, in terms of how many lives were saved in this incident. And again, we want to commend our officers who responded so well and pay tribute to Officer Johns, who also behaved so heroically in this incident.  [Union Police Guards Pressed for Security Vests, Yet didn’t get them]

Update After this post, ThinkProgress heard from Iraq war veteran John Morgenstein, who has two concealable bullet-proof vests left over from his tour of duty and is now attempting to donate them to the officers at the Holocaust Museum. If others are interested in similar donations, contact SPFPA D.C. Director Assane Faye at (800) 228-7492.

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Bush admits his crimes!

Can’t forget about the disclosure of the CIA operative!  That’s is definitley treason, if you ask me.  They put the life of that CIA operative endanger out of spite for her husband, not to mention that disclosure could have put the lives of many other endanger.

Interesting about is finding “Jesus” again, or being “born again,” wasn’t it his minister that put him in all the godly mess?  Bush spoke with his minister often, as I understand, and he also had messages sent from heaven…during his Presidency…

Breaking News, World News & Multimedia

George W. Bush, the 43rd President of the United States, was indicted Monday on charges of high treason. The charges, filed by Attorney General Russ Feingold late in the evening, allege that Mr. Bush, knowing full well that Iraq possessed no weapons of mass destruction, falsified information in order to pursue the disastrous Iraq War. (See “U.S. Knew No W.M.D.s in Iraq,” on Page A1, and the petition at http://www.democrats.com/pardon.)
The former President appeared perturbed by his own charges against him.

Federal District Judge Michael Ratner denied Mr. Bush’s request to represent himself. Ratner is the former president of the Center for Constitutional Rights.

High treason is usually defined as participation in a war against one’s own country; attempting to overthrow its government; spying on its military, its diplomats, or its secret services for a hostile and foreign power; or attempting to kill its head of state.

“In this case, high treason has been interpreted to include pursuing an illegal and devastating war that has cost hundreds of billions of dollars and the lives of over 4,000 Americans and perhaps a million Iraqis, for essentially insane ends,” said Vincent Bugliosi, a former federal prosecutor whom Feingold named lead special prosecutor in the case. “In effect, the Iraq War amounted to a war against America,” added Bugliosi, who is also the author of the book, The Prosecution of George Bush for Murder. [ read more on the Bush Indictment]

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Christian Crusaders Advocate for Pro-Killing; Again!

This isn’t the only issue here.  These people use the bible as their rule book, and the bible advocates of killing of all sorts of people.  The people attacking other groups of people, diversity, gay people and other races because of race mixing, and so much more.  Just open up their bible and you will see who it advocates for killing through their delusional interpretation and neo-translations of these new aged bibles [not the same when I was growing up].  All I have to say is beware of False Prophets!

I didn’t see Newt Gingrich’s name on this list, also we can’t forget about those other crusader’s who have already terrorized other people, like Jim Jones, Timothy McVeigh, Branch Davidian and more.   I can’t see how America easily forgets about these terrorists, and shifts attention to Iraq, Afghanistan or the Islamic faith, when we have these Christian’s doing all this here.    All I have to say is who’s going to be next, again.

Very scary people!

Don’t we have a rule of law in America, so why do these people think they can go around terrorizing people.  This just urks me,  here we have American soldiers dying [more than 4300] in Iraq and Afghanistan over alleged terrorism, over their own army of god belief system, yet we have these Christians doing the same thing in our own back yard.

Perhaps we should bring our soldiers home!

You know, I don’t believe nor practice abortion, but that doesn’t give me a right to take the law into my own hands or judge other people.  Judgement according  the bible is left for your god on judgment day.   You break the law, you kill people, you will be judged by your god.  You will not be judged by me, or at least that is what the bible say’s, so this is why I am no longer a Christian because I don’t believe in advocation of terrorism or killing of any kind.  One abortion doesn’t justify killing others, and I’m talking about American law, not religious law.

We all don’t follow the same faith, and we all don’t believe in the same thing.  So, keep your religion to yourself, do not force it on other’s, nor should it be used to target other groups of people, not of that belief.

“Defensive Action statements

We, the undersigned, declare the justice of taking all godly action necessary to defend
innocent human life including the use of force. We proclaim that whatever force is
legitimate to defend the life of a born child is legitimate to defend the life of an unborn
child. We assert that if Michael Griffin did in fact kill David Gunn, his use of lethal force
was justifiable provided it was carried out for the purpose of defending the lives of unborn
children. Therefore, he ought to be acquitted of the charges against him.

Mike Bray – Pastor, Reformation Lutheran Church, Bowie, Maryland

C. Roy McMillan – Executive Director, Christian Action Group, Jackson, Mississippi

Andrew Burnett – Director, Advocates for Life Ministries, Portland, Oregon

Cathy Ramey – Associate Editor, Life Advocate Magazine, Portland, Oregon

Matt Trewhella Pastor, Mercy Seat Christian Church, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Paul J. Hill – Director, Defensive Action, Pensacola, Florida

Paul deParrie – Author of Numerous Titles, Portland, Oregon

Regina Dinwiddie – Christian Pro-Life Activist & Producer of Rescue Radio, MO and KS

Michael Dodds – Leader of Wichita Rescue Movement, Kansas

Henry Felisone – Director, Queens Pro-Life Group, Queens, New York

Tony Piso – Pastor, Evangelical Mission Church, Forest Hill, New York

Jacob Miller – Evangelist, Assembly of Yahweh & Pro-Life Activist, Tampa, Florida

Dan Bray – Director, Defenders of the Defenders of Life, Bowie, Maryland

David Crane- Director, Rescue Virginia, Norfolk, VA

Donald Spitz- Evangelist & Assistant Director for Rescue Virginia, Norfolk, Virginia

Michael Jarecki – Ret. Pastor, Saint Mary’s Church, Brushton, New York

Bill Koehler – Director of Project Awareness, North Bergen, New Jersey

Kenneth Arndt – Director, New Hampshire Rescue, Windham, New Hampshire

Dave Leach – Editor, Prayer and Action Weekly News, Des Moines, Iowa

Mike Walker – Leader in National Assoc. of Planned Parenthood Fighters, Alabama

Thomas Carleton – Catholic Priest, Presently Incarcerated in Billerica, Massachusetts

Joseph F. O’Hara – Director, Wyoming Valley Rescue Group, Pennsylvania

David Graham – Attorney at Law, Olathe, Kansas

David Trosch – Catholic Priest, Publisher Justifiable Homicide Cartoon & President
Life Enterprises Unlimited, Mobile, Alabama

Dawn Stover – Assistant Director, Advocates for Life Ministries, Portland, Oregon

Mike Meyer – Chairman, Tri-State Rescue Committee, Cincinnati, Ohio

David Craig – Former Presbyterian Pastor, Hope, Indiana

John Brockhoeft – Author of “The Brockhoeft Report,” incarcerated in Burlington, Kentucky
Donna Bray – Co-Founder, Defenders of the Defenders of Life, Bowie, Maryland

Media Consultant – Gary McCullough; Publicist – Jerry McGlothlin

[read more]

Imagine No Religion Womens Baseball Jersey

Imagine No Religion Women's Baseball Jersey

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