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Hate Groups’ Rise Fueled by Nativism

It’s uneducated folks that act like that!  Immigrants have been coming to this country along with my early ancestor immigrants in the 1600’s.  California has had Spanish speaking people for generations.  It’s pure hate, simple as that, and the longer people ignore it the more hate groups will grow.  The haters are spawned through networks, where they have a leader, and that leader preaches to the followers who know nothing, and believe and trust the person preaching to them.

Educated yourself people, stop the ignorance.  America is built by immigrants.  If you lost your job, don’t blame current immigrants because they are doing jobs you probably don’t want to do.  I know this for a fact; my father used to hire Hispanic people because the Caucasian man didn’t want to work, so my father couldn’t get any of them to work.  So, don’t blame the immigrants for doing jobs the rest of society doesn’t want to do.

Look in the mirror and blame yourself for your job lost, or better yet blame the governments for not doing enough for America and it’s workers.  The governments should stop helping corporate greed, and spend more on the infrastructure of America. 

Unless your Native American, a people who have been in this continent for more than 14000 years, then you are from an immigrant group.

Hate Groups’ Rise Fueled by Nativism

Dee at Immigration Talk with a Mexican American has been blogging on the murder last week of two young Chileans studying in the U.S. The killings were apparently motivated by nativism and carried out by an unbalanced man whose neighbor said he had asked her if she was “ready for the revolution to begin and if [she] had any immigrants in [her] house to get them out.” Dee’s latest update takes a look at how Dannie Baker’s hatred of foreigners filled an otherwise empty life, and how he may have believed the murders were his way of contributing to society by ridding it of foreign influence.

As regular readers of this blog will know, hate crimes against Latin@s have become a regular feature of life in the U.S., as people like Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Lou Dobbs, and Tom Tancredo build their careers on inspiring fear of immigrants.


Hispanics are the second immigrants to California.


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