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Name Calling From “Family Research Council” Tony Perkins

Now the Family Research Council is claiming advocacy of anarchy!

This is just another one of those religious groups set up to target Gay people by creating an organizational name for tax free status. Beware, all they do is attack Gay people and allege that Gay people have an agenda!!! Don’t be fooled!

BTW, that agenda is EQUALITY!

How does he think this country was found? I’m not suggesting anarchy, but if that is the label they are using today, I can’t wait to hear the next label. It’s strange that a people who claim to be so devoutly religious and family oriented would resort to such an attack on our Governor and Our community! It’s outrageous!

All those people should stay out of California, and stop funneling illegal funds into California for the sake of passing an illegal vote against Californian’s in the name of their religion.

What about the continued lies they use to attack Californian’s, and Our families! They seem to pretend that their families are better than other families! How could this be when their divorce rate is higher than 60%, and when they divorce they use the children to go against another parent!

We still live in a country that has religious freedom and for them to take away the civil rights of those individuals is unconstitutional and illegal. You cannot vote away a groups right to be free and treated equally the same under civil laws, either California’s or the United States!

Your church and your religion is your business and that should not be forced upon us! This is why people are protesting, and we have a right to support the cause of equality, and stop these religions from pushing they’re hated upon the rest of our society.

They need to keep their religion to themselves and stop this nonsense of pretending they don’t see it as bigotry!

I’ve heard the games from them for far to long. Some people still hang on to the bigotry brought upon the Japanese American to this day, and allege that taking everything away was not discrimination, even though the government had already agreed that it was wrong.

So you cannot tell me that Prop 8 is not Hate! Prop 8 is about discrimination base on religious dogma as conferred by the Mormon Church in Utah. Some sent out letters in other states pushing propositions by Church leaders, and it’s plausible they did the same in California. Most if not all of those propositions single out, and target our Gay brother’s, sisters and families.

They are the ones trying to water down our constitution for their religious needs.


“Since Election Day, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) has made statements supporting demonstrations against Proposition 8, and urging California ‘s Supreme Court to block the amendment’s enforcement…Condoning street protests and supporting judicial activist scams to overturn a popularly approved state constitutional amendment approaches advocacy of anarchy. Gov. Schwarzenegger is playing a dangerous game, and it needs to stop. Now.”

モルモン教徒 標的 合衆国 憲法



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Prop. 8 protesters target Mormon temple in Westwood

The Mormons need to go home! I’m tired of them sending people out to California, so they can register to vote and then use their religious laws to circumvent California’s democracy in favor of their Mormon beliefs!

California should never change our constitution for religion or any other group pushing hate on Californian’s!

These Mormons allege that CIVIL MARRIAGE is their invention, well they need to look at history, not their religious laws. Here in the US we practice the separation of church and state laws, and we practice that in California as well. Our civil laws DO NOT belong to the Mormon church, our civil laws belong to the people of California and America. These Mormons can not circumvent every ones rights in the name of Mormonism, it is unconstitutional, and the lies they told to manipulate votes is fraud! Lies seem to be the common norm of the church to gain converts and donations.

If Civil Marriage belongs to the church then why are we tax payers subsidizing it through tax breaks? I’m not a Mormon, nor are my fellow neighbors, so my taxes should not be use to subsidies Mormon marriages.

My point is that Civil Laws and Religious Laws are not the same, they are separate, people! I’m tired of these Mormons trying to change Our laws to fit their own religious laws, this should never happen.

Californian’s have been lied to, to get the votes! Shame on the Mormon Church! SHAME!

It does not even matter how many votes they got, this vote was illegal, and against our constitution, and those Mormons should keep off our civil laws and our constitution! Our constitution protects the minority from an OVERBEARING majority! This is one of those times because they are targeting a group of people!

Civil law is inherited old Pagan law, and the church did not adopt the practice until around the 8th century. Civil marriage is an old Pagan practice for proving property rights and heirs; it has nothing to do with some ones CHOICE of a religious marriage!

Lay off our backs! You do not own our Civil Laws!

Prop. 8 protesters target Mormon temple in Westwood
More than a thousand gay-rights activists gathered Thursday afternoon outside the Mormon temple in Westwood to protest the role Mormons played in passing Proposition 8, which banned same-sex marriage in California.

It was the latest in an escalating campaign directed against the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for its role in marshaling millions of dollars in contributions from its members for the successful campaign to take away same-sex marriage rights.

Hey!?! How does my civil marriage undermine your screwed up religious marriage? Civil marriage belongs to the people, religious marriage belongs to the church. People have a CHOICE to go to a church. Civil marriage is an Old Pagan practice

Hey!?! How does my civil marriage undermine your screwed up religious marriage? Civil marriage belongs to the people, religious marriage belongs to the church. People have a CHOICE to go to a church. Civil marriage is an Old Pagan practice

モルモン教徒 の ファトゥアー
標的 合衆国 憲法

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