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Where is Buddhist Representation in Washington?

In 1996, I seen a lot of religious groups disregarding Separation of Church and State, and pushing biblical view on the diverse population regardless of others own religious belief and respect for others.  I was disturbed that I didn’t see any Buddhist speaking out against these policies.  I contacted one Buddhist temple, and asked the priest why I wasn’t seeing any Buddhist leaders speaking out against the in equality’s taking place, and he said because their not suppose to.

We have laws, common laws and basic understandings of Separation of Church and State, not to mention IRS tax codes to follow and respect, so why wouldn’t the Buddhist temples comply, they should.  However, were living in a country where it appears that other faiths are no longer honoring our laws, and now we have no voice against the those who wish to oppress us.  Buddhist temples are being target with hate in America, and I’ve heard several Christian preachers call Buddhist devil worshipers, even when the “devil” is a Christian god, not a Buddhist god.  Buddhism has concepts of hell realms, but they are only concepts like bad day’s, or periods of time when your going through hard times as a result of your own actions.

Buddhists have been in America for more than one hundred fifty years.  Their are Buddhist temple, schools, charity’s and universities all over America.  So, surely Buddhist should also have representation in Washington, as other faith based initiative groups are in attendance.

No Buddhists in Washington?

“Religious Literacy Dictionary” in Stephen Prothero’s 2007 bestseller, Religious Literacy, devotes less than two pages to “Buddhism,” but spends seven lines making the point that “Buddhists have not been particularly active in American politics.” This notion, accurate or not, is probably the perception of most Americans, many of whom have little real awareness of the 2,500-year-old tradition to begin with. It may also explain why President Obama’s 25-member Advisory Council on Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships (which just launched its official Web site) currently lacks a Buddhist representative, despite the presence of at least one appointee from the other four major world religions. [read full article]


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Pastor Concerned that Buddhism Coming to HIS City!

Wow!  Doesn’t America have “religious freedom” or does that only stand if your a Christian? 

One pastor even comes up with a question of “where is the money coming from, is it being funneled out of the US?”  WTF!!!

Christian’s send money out of state all the time!

It’s a blatant attack on religious freedom, and I can ask the same thing of that pastor!  What is that pastor doing with the money he’s getting from his followers?  Is he spending it on church issues or is he buying several homes and cars for him and his family, all while the church might be in dire need?  I’ve seen that happen before.

Buddhist monks are not allowed to handle money, the laypeople handle the business aspect.  The temples are the non profits, and everything else is a business, if they have a book store they charge tax on sales, etc.  It’s like any other church or temple suppose to be.

Just because they might be tax exempt doesn’t mean they won’t spend money in the community. Just by purchasing the materials alone would help the community, what about that Pastor, is his church benefiting the community since it has “tax exempt” status for it’s house, and do they pay tax on their other church busineses?

These kinds of people allege they have nothing against Buddhism, but what they are doing is a blatant attack on Buddhism, and the excuses don’t help cover that up because I’ve heard to many people say things that misrepresent the true teachings of Buddhism, to many times. 

Buddhists in the community and surrounding areas have a right to their temple and it’s teachings!

Pataskala Residents question plans for Buddhist temple

Some area residents and religious leaders are worried about a proposed Buddhist development setting up shop along Blacks Road on the city’s eastern edge.
Residents and pastors recently approached the Pataskala City Council to express their concerns.

“I question where the funding comes from, and what their real intentions are and the impact on the community long-term,” said Gale Road resident Glenn Graham, a pastor at a Kirkersville-area church.

Valley Road resident Andrea Adkins questioned the proposed development’s financial impact on the city, considering one element would possess tax-exempt status.

“There’s not tax money coming in,” Adkins said. “That’s not going to benefit the city at all.”

Pastor Gary Nelson, of One Purpose Community Church, added he has nothing against Buddhists, although they possess differing views. However, Nelson questioned how the development would incorporate a temple with a restaurant, market and spa.

“I see a businesses set up on a nonprofit status,” he said. “I don’t know really how that’s going to benefit the community that much if they use the religious status that me, as a pastor, I understand, but to come in and try to funnel money maybe out of this country, I have no idea. Those are questions I would like to have answered through this process.”

“Some people think of (Buddhism) as a new age religion, but it is a faith that has been around 2,500 years,” Wesley said.

Buddhism appeals to Wesley because the meditative aspects clear her mind. However, she cautioned Buddhism is not solely focused on looking inward.

“One of the decisions Buddhism teaches is love and compassion for everyone,” she said.

[see full story of Pastors concern on Buddhist Temple coming to his city]

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