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Climate Change Policies Are Good For the Economy

Climate deniers are afraid that people will lose jobs, but I don’t feel that to be true.  When a nation gets together to do something they create jobs and invent new things for the better of the country.  New jobs will also be created for greener energy, and companies don’t want to change because their CEO’s will lose money in their pockets, it’s these people who are funding research that has no scientific bases to their theories with regard to climate change.  They won’t lose money if they change the way they do things.

They dispute the evidence we have to prove climate change, but they bring nothing to the table to prove otherwise. 

The Economic Case for Slashing Carbon Emissions

The climate change news from Washington is cautiously encouraging. No one in power is listening to the climate skeptics any more; the economic stimulus package included real money for clean energy; a bill capping U.S. carbon emissions emerged, battered but still standing, from the House of Representatives, and might even survive the Senate. This, along with stricter emission standards in Europe and a big push for clean energy and efficiency standards in China, provides grounds for hope for genuine progress on emissions reduction.

But while climate policy is finally moving forward, climate science is moving faster. One discovery after another suggests the world is warming faster, and climate damages are appearing sooner, than anyone had expected. Much of the policy discussion so far has been aimed at keeping the atmospheric concentration of CO2 below 450 parts per million (ppm) – which was until recently thought to be low enough to prevent dangerous levels of warming. But last year, James Hansen, NASA’s top climate scientist, argued that paleoclimatic evidence shows 450 ppm is the threshold for transition to an ice-free earth. This would imply a catastrophic rise in sea levels, eventually flooding all coastal cities and regions.

The outliers are the handful of private consultant studies funded by partisan lobbying groups such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Manufacturers. Using proprietary models (or their own adaptations of standard models), and pessimistic economic assumptions, these studies forecast that even mild U.S. proposals, such as last year’s Lieberman-Warner bill, would cost many thousands of dollars per household and would cause widespread unemployment and economic dislocation. An analysis by journalist Eric Pooley documents the excessive, often uncritical attention given to these studies by the media.


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Lack of Education Or Just Pure Denial of Unnatural Climate Change With Today’s American Citizens?

I don’t know how “conservatives” or the majority of them, without any evidence at all can say that climate change is not occurring in a unnatural way!  I mean the evidence is there where ever you look, and even other peoples from other cultures have oral history that states the same.  Maybe they think because their a different culture that they don’t give a damn, but the facts remain that humans are causing a breakdown of our natural ecosystem where ever you look.  This isn’t about some alleged “leftist” trap hole, I heard that commented by some conservative as well.  Whether it be from peoples oral history or natural evidence all around us, from people getting sick to 10,000 year old sediment, earth core samples or melted thousand year old glaciers…!

I debated one lady who said; “the environment goes through a natural cycle every 70 to 100 years!”

Duh!  That’s not even the point, and I think the issue is WAY over her head!  I learned about the natural cycles of the eco system since grade school, yet I also knew about “global warming” since that time.  We are not talking about the natural cycles that may occur every 100 years or so, and we’re not even talking about the seasonal changes or the changes of drought that we might see every few years.  We are talking about the unnatural climate changes!  Hello!

Not sure where people are getting their education these day’s, but I don’t think a lot of them are getting a full education from an accredited school.  Something seems to be lacking, from science to even basic histories these day’s, and it’s even scary to see our leaders getting into office without a basic education.

Arctic Sediments Show That 20th Century Warming Is Unlike Natural Variation

The possibility that climate change might simply be a natural variation like others that have occurred throughout geologic time is dimming, according to evidence in a Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences paper published October 19.

The research reveals that sediments retrieved by University at Buffalo geologists from a remote Arctic lake are unlike those seen during previous warming episodes.

The UB researchers and their international colleagues were able to pinpoint that dramatic changes began occurring in unprecedented ways after the midpoint of the twentieth century.

“The sediments from the mid-20th century were not all that different from previous warming intervals,” said Jason P. Briner, PhD, assistant professor of geology in the UB College of Arts and Sciences. “But after that things really changed. And the change is unprecedented.”

The sediments are considered unique because they contain rare paleoclimate information about the past 200,000 years, providing a far longer record than most other sediments in the glaciated portion of the Arctic, which only reveals clues to the past 10,000 years.  [see full article]

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Parks and Our environment should be respected and cared for generations to come

and Inhofe say’s that “god” is still up there as if he is not down here or anywhere else! 

When I was growing up I was taught that god is all around us and within us all.  Having said that we should all respect the environment instead of trashing it, as well as respect the things around us.  It’s what the First American’s believed as well; they took care of the land and respected what was in it, and used only what they needed, but when the third wave of immigrants came to this land and brought with them their views of god.  They destroyed and trashed much of the land along with killing these First American’s and took their lands, it’s how they were able to get rich so fast. 

Even today, these same types of religious people don’t give a damn about our country or the affects they are causing to it, and they’d rather ignore the evidence ,scientific evidence, over their dogmatic view and/or hate toward a person who is educating people about these issues.  It’s amazing to see the venom spewing from their mouths about people who want to protect our environment.  These are alleged “god” fearing people?

Ken Burns on His National Parks Documentary

What is it that you love so much about the parks?
They could’ve only been invented in America, where people were free, and it isn’t just a political freedom—this is where I think we get all tangled up in knots all the time. The original impulse of the national parks is spiritual. In the United States, the first tangible manifestations of this is the transcendental movement, and later the Hudson River/Rocky Mountain School of Art: it’s saying that you could find God in nature more easily than through a dogmatic devotion that required you to find God in a cathedral built by the hands of man.

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