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Lack of Education Or Just Pure Denial of Unnatural Climate Change With Today’s American Citizens?

I don’t know how “conservatives” or the majority of them, without any evidence at all can say that climate change is not occurring in a unnatural way!  I mean the evidence is there where ever you look, and even other peoples from other cultures have oral history that states the same.  Maybe they think because their a different culture that they don’t give a damn, but the facts remain that humans are causing a breakdown of our natural ecosystem where ever you look.  This isn’t about some alleged “leftist” trap hole, I heard that commented by some conservative as well.  Whether it be from peoples oral history or natural evidence all around us, from people getting sick to 10,000 year old sediment, earth core samples or melted thousand year old glaciers…!

I debated one lady who said; “the environment goes through a natural cycle every 70 to 100 years!”

Duh!  That’s not even the point, and I think the issue is WAY over her head!  I learned about the natural cycles of the eco system since grade school, yet I also knew about “global warming” since that time.  We are not talking about the natural cycles that may occur every 100 years or so, and we’re not even talking about the seasonal changes or the changes of drought that we might see every few years.  We are talking about the unnatural climate changes!  Hello!

Not sure where people are getting their education these day’s, but I don’t think a lot of them are getting a full education from an accredited school.  Something seems to be lacking, from science to even basic histories these day’s, and it’s even scary to see our leaders getting into office without a basic education.

Arctic Sediments Show That 20th Century Warming Is Unlike Natural Variation

The possibility that climate change might simply be a natural variation like others that have occurred throughout geologic time is dimming, according to evidence in a Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences paper published October 19.

The research reveals that sediments retrieved by University at Buffalo geologists from a remote Arctic lake are unlike those seen during previous warming episodes.

The UB researchers and their international colleagues were able to pinpoint that dramatic changes began occurring in unprecedented ways after the midpoint of the twentieth century.

“The sediments from the mid-20th century were not all that different from previous warming intervals,” said Jason P. Briner, PhD, assistant professor of geology in the UB College of Arts and Sciences. “But after that things really changed. And the change is unprecedented.”

The sediments are considered unique because they contain rare paleoclimate information about the past 200,000 years, providing a far longer record than most other sediments in the glaciated portion of the Arctic, which only reveals clues to the past 10,000 years.  [see full article]


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Conservatives Glad Chicago Lost the Olympic Bid

Their such a waste to this country! 

They protest and take delight that Chicago didn’t win the Olympics because Our President spoke in favor of it?  If he hadn’t spoken in favor of it, I’m sure they wouldn’t have taken delight.  They’re pitiful, they want President Obama to fail as President and they are doing everything they can to prevent any of his policies to pass.  The Republican GOP and their fanatical religious right winged groups are useless to this countries progress.  They’ve had the White House and congress for at least eight years, and they did nothing but put American in debt in the trillions, took us to wars for alleged terrorist in a country that didn’t even hold Bin Laden along with more than 4000 US Soldiers killed, in the name of their conservatism.  The country’s infrastructure is falling apart, we have children who are going to bed hungry, and most of the homeless in America are veterans.  After eight years of Bush GOP conservatism we now have whole families that are homeless.

We voted for change in 2008, and now these conservative fanatical religious GOP groups are doing everything they possibly can to prevent any policy of President Obama’s to succeed. 

What do they do for America, nothing.

Conservatives Delight In Olympic Snub To Obama

U.S. conservatives are celebrating like Brazilians after the failure of Chicago to win the 2016 Olympics despite the Copenhagen lobbying efforts of President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama to bring home the gold, as it were.

And their joy seems only magnified by Chicago being dumped from the competition for the games after just the first round of voting.

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PR exec: Death threats forced firm to drop octuplet mom

Who’s sending the death threats?

I hope they get those terrorists! I’m tired of these alleged “social conservatives,” they say children come from God, and they hate condoms and sex, but when a person happens to have children regardless of how it happened, if that person is not from there community they hate them. Sounds typical, but it’s like a broken record already. She’s getting a lot of publicity from this and she should get paid for it, so she can take care of those children! If she needs help then people in her community should come and help just like a normal society would. Don’t judge those children for what adults do.

I recall several years back when a white family had several children the same way, the whole community started donating items to them to help them with those children.

Children should be a good thing in a society. I hope they get those terrorist making those calls! Read your bible more, it say’s to love your neighbor! If you don’t like that then throw your bible in the trash.

PR exec: Death threats forced firm to drop octuplet mom
Joann Killeen is president of the Killeen Furtney Group, the Los Angeles, California-based public relations firm that represented octuplet mom Nadya Suleman.
Nadya Suleman had her octuplets through fertility treatments.

Nadya Suleman had her octuplets through fertility treatments.

Suleman, who underwent fertility treatment, gave birth to six boys and two girls January 26 in Bellflower, California. She already had six children at home.

The Killeen Furtney Group recently stopped representing Suleman because of death threats that came in to the firm’s office, Killeen said Monday on CNN’s “Larry King Live.” Following is an edited transcript of Killeen’s conversation with King: [read more]

Human being here now. Live in the moment with this human being here now t-shirt.

Human being here now. Live in the moment with this human being here now t-shirt.

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Threats email donation form: Support NO on 8

Vote No on 8

The Bigots from Yes on 8 Campaign are threatening business if they do not donate to their campaign.

This seems to be the typical norm for these alleged “conservatives” who claim to be Christian or Mormon. ARE THEY REALLY KIND AND LOVING? It’s the same tactics I see on the Presidential campaign trail on the alleged “conservative” side. They are doing all they can to tell lies about Obama and his plans for America.

Attacks are childish behaviors! What we need are people that will tell us their plans, and tell us why they are better, without resorting to childish attacks.

Obama IS telling us what he plans and why he is good for America, yet McCain is full of attacks toward Obama. I haven’t any clue what McCain will do to fix Our Country or Our Economy.

Attacks are now coming from the “yes on 8” campaign in the same manner. This is all these people have.

VOTE NO on 8 because we don’t need that kind of bigotry coming from outside or inside of California.

Threats email donation form: Support NO on 8
If lies don’t work, then maybe threats will.

That’s what the Yes on 8 campaign seems to think – they are now sending threatening letters to businesses and supporters of Equality California – warning that they will go after our donors if they don’t donate to their campaign and refrain from supporting Equality California in the future.

We will not be intimidated by their threats and we will stand with our supporters.

Make a donation today [and add your name to the EQCA website] to show the other side that we will not go back to the closet of inequality.

Nikkei Against Hate Legislation; Vote No on 8
Nikkei Against Hate Legislation;  Vote No on 8
No on 8 Yard Sign
No on 8 Stickers
Stop Bigotry in California Vote No on 8

Stop Bigotry in California Vote No on 8

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