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Religious Propaganda Machine; I Know It All To Well!

I’ve been saying all along the Mormons and other religious fanatics were telling people lies just to get the votes they needed to win, which by the way was about 52% barely making it, so  you know that there’s some bias there.  We have them in every society there’s always that 2% of bigotry in society that we can do without, and we wouldn’t being going throught this religious trial, paid for by taxpayers, fighting for the civil rights of Californian’s to be treated equally.

Pound Prop 8: Tracking the Trial Tweets « Prop 8 Trial Tracker

Perhaps it is because I’m Jewish, a Lesbian, married to a Black woman and living in Orange County that I am so highly attuned to the propaganda generated by the proponents of prop 8. Maybe there is something in my historical memory that insists that I be hyper-alert to dangerous rhetoric, given the knowledge that for centuries, propaganda has been used to stigmatize, marginalize, oppress, violate, and annihilate people like my wife and me. Like so many others, I was looking forward to watching the trial broadcast on YouTube because I knew that people would finally get to see for themselves the bigotry and lies that were at the heart of prop 8; they would get to see the testimonies of Kristin Perry & Sandra Stier, and Paul Katami & Jeffrey Zarrillo. Surely this would move many hearts and minds, regardless of the verdict.

When the media started paying attention to the battle over whether or not the trial would be broadcast, I noticed the comments coming from the defense. We know they didn’t want people to hear and see the testimonies; broadcasting the trial would prevent them from spinning the facts and might allow a reasonable public to hear the truth and identify with the very sympathetic plaintiffs. But with their spin, the propaganda began. Once again, they were attempting to control the public perception of gays and lesbians. There they were on the major news networks, talking about risking the safety of their clients and their clients’ families, and about needing to protect “the children.” This is the same propaganda that was used to dehumanize Blacks here in America and abroad, and Jews (and LGBTs), in nazi Germany. The rhetoric makes us into predators who pray on children and angry, out-of-control monsters who will destroy civilization.  [read this article]

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Newt Gingrich’s Gay Fascism; More Myth Stories from Religious Fascists!

I think these extremist groups are confusing “Gay Fascism” with something else because Gay people are only fighting for equality and nothing else, so the myth that an alleged “Gay Fascism” exists is a myth being started by these people.

They are not trying to convert your children as the myth going around claims.  You are either Gay or Not, just like you can’t convert anyone to being “Straight,” oh yes, you can pretend to be straight, because you need to fit into your particular group of people and feel accepted, but your only fooling yourself.  The extremist conversion theory is a myth pushed by religious fanatics, along with many other myths.

The only fascists that I know of is Hitler, KKK, and other extremist groups, but they all follow mythical biblical law, and want to exterminate and threaten all Gay people, so again, I have to say that Gingrich is spreading more myth stories in order to gain the converts he needs to push his presidency and kill Gay people.

So, if you like myth stories then you would fit with Gingrich’s new group.

Educate yourself on these kinds of religious fascists, terrorists and fanatical groups [Jim Jones, Timothy McVeigh, Branch Davidian, etc.]  These are some good examples of why religion should be Separate from Church and State laws and politics.  If we have people like Gingrich pushing his Evangelical views on the rest of us, then what religion will we all be forced to practice in the name of his “god”?  Would the Evangelical’s finally ban “The Book of Mormon” for blasphemy or would the Pope finally condemn Evangelicals for removing the word of God from their religious book?  We will only know if people like Gingrich succeed.

Gay people are not pushing any religion or “god” on anyone.  Gay people just want to be free to practice their own religious faiths [freedom of religious practice], and to be treated as American’s with equal protection under constitutional law, NOT religious law.

Newt Gingrich’s Gay Fascism

If only Newt Gingrich could have been a one-hit wonder. Instead, the former Speaker of the House is stirring the pot with a potential 2012 bid for President, and the formation of a new group – Renewing American Leadership. What is the goal of Renewing American Leadership?

To combat gay and secular fascism.

Much as we’d like to be kidding, here’s Gingrich on Fox News:

[T]here is a gay and secular fascism in this country that wants to impose its will on the rest of us, is prepared to use violence, to use harassment. I think it is prepared to use the government if it can get control of it.

So in order to combat this gay fascism, Gingrich’s new organization is looking to build and strengthen coalitions between economic conservatives and religious conservatives. According to Bill Berkowitz over at Buzz Flash, Gingrich will be taking his new organization to an influential group of conservative pastors that were among the leaders of the Bush re-election campaign of 2004, and Gingrich is planning on releasing a film about the late Pope John Paul II’s role in taking down the Soviet Union.

Religious Extremists T-Shirt

Warning! Religious extremists target Gay community. Recent events caused an increasing of hate violence/terrorism toward the Gay community after religious extremists pushed prop 8.


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Religious Dogma; Vote NO on 8! Protect OUR Constitution!

What about OUR children?


If these special religious groups or the Mormons pass Prop 8, I’m sure they will try and force their religious Dogma on Our children in our schools! They’re already trying to push it in our constitution by pushing this change which suits their church needs.

I don’t know about you, but I want my children to be taught the truth, scientific truth, not religious Dogma filled with fantasy, fiction, and invisible people in the sky!

This is why we have Separation of Religious Laws and Civil Laws! The church and it’s followers follow their own religious laws with in their own church while civil law protects every one, including those of us not of the Mormon following.

Mormons can have as many wives as they want under their religious laws, but civil law requires only one civil contract, so the other wives are concubines, but under church law they are ‘wives’. That is there business as long as they’re not abusing the children to get their wives.



Hey!?! How does my civil marriage undermine your screwed up religious marriage? Civil marriage belongs to the people, religious marriage belongs to the church. People have a CHOICE to go to a church. Civil marriage is an Old Pagan practice

Hey!?! How does my civil marriage undermine your screwed up religious marriage? Civil marriage belongs to the people, religious marriage belongs to the church. People have a CHOICE to go to a church. Civil marriage is an Old Pagan practice

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Ann Landers and Proposition 8

Smart girl, that Ann Landers! I like the part where she say’s to critiques that allege Gay people can change, and tells others they should give a go at being Gay! This is true, if they really think Gay people can change then surely a hetro can be Gay! Doesn’t work that way, Gay’s are born innately special.

Ann Landers and Proposition 8
It was she, the trusted friend welcomed daily into tens of millions of middle-class homes, who from early on fought for gay rights. She said homosexuality was not an illness or an aberration or that looniest of definitions, “an alternative lifestyle choice.” Rather, she was convinced homosexuality was determined by genetics and dead certain that people were hard-wired in their sexuality. And to those straight people who believed that homosexuals could be “brought around,” she always suggested that they give it a go being gay. She put her not inconsiderable clout behind the (ultimately successful) effort to get homosexuality removed from the official diagnostic manual as an “illness.”

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Lies, Lies and More Lies!

When I was a teenager, I heard the lies! I don’t understand why these people have to resort to lies. It’s very clear that Obama has been against Prop 8, so why would the Prop 8 backers of a certain persuasion feel the need to lie to people at the last minute about Obama? I mean the lies have been going on for a long time about what Prop 8 would do to California’s citizens, but it appears they are trying to say that it wouldn’t take away any rights when you go into forums or places like YouTube. One guy even claimed that everyone against Prop 8 were the bigots and that it would not take away any rights, how can this be?

Prop 8 would clearly take away rights! Then they try to claim religious laws, but this is a civil law matter not a religious law matter.

It also appears that they are trying to change our civil laws to suit the needs of there religion, which by no way does any service for the rest of us.

We Urge a Vote NO on 8!

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