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Plans on Track for a Free Palestine

Well hopefully this will not get blocked by some over zealous religious fanatics!

Palestinian PM: Plan to declare statehood by 2011 remains on track

Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad said Saturday that his plan to establish a Palestinian state by August 2011 remains on course.

In an interview with Channel 2, Fayyad denied that the Palestinians aim to seek unilateral recognition or any other alternative to a two-state solution.

Fayyad is credited with an economic upturn in the West Bank and improving law and order after a decade of violence. He has earned praise for taking steps to build a Palestinian state from the ground up and by renouncing violence against Israel.

In a rare address to the Israeli public, he urged people not to give up hope for peace.

He said in the interview broadcast Saturday that “we should not be discouraged because we have failed so many times before.” [read more]

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Israeli PM say’s Obama will do as he’s told? What?

Obama will do as he’s told?  He’s works for the American people not Israel. 

We need to stop supporting people like that.  The PM needs to do as he’s told because American’s need to stop supporting what they are doing to the Palestinian people.  American tax dollars shouldn’t be used for creating weapons of destruction.  Their last campaign was so reckless; there was not need to destroy the infrastructure of their homes and towns. 

Mideast Ad to Obama: Lead, Don’t Follow

This Monday the Israeli prime minister faces Barack Obama for the first time — and war and peace are at stake.

Some say US President Obama will do as he’s told: endorse more dead-end talks between a far-right Israeli government and a discredited and divided Palestinian leadership.

But ordinary Israelis and Palestinians still want peace — and their only hope is for Obama to lead.

We urgently need to show Obama that ordinary people in the region and around the world will back him to take a bold lead — watch our new TV ad campaign and give a donation to help get it on the air in the next 72 hours:  [donate]


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Israeli Home Demolitions ‘Unhelpful’

I’m glad some one finally brought that up!  I think it’s ridiculous to want “peace”, but you don’t want to destroy peoples homes or take their homes when many of them lived in the home for several generations. It’s easy for the government to say they were “illegal”, yet they let them build the homes only to destroy it later.  Seems like economic destruction, the family puts all their money in the home only for it to be destroyed.  This reminds me when the police don’t have anything to charge a person on, and the police has some fault, so in order make the police appear like the good guy on paper, they then alleged the person was disturbing the peace, so they can bring some kind of charge to the person.  Sounds like the same practice of destroy a persons home because it’s allegedly illegal.

Israeli Home Demolitions Unhelpful

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton on Wednesday promised vigorous and personal involvement in stalled Mideast peace efforts and criticized Israel’s demolition of Palestinian homes in Jerusalem as “unhelpful.”

Clinton also displayed strong public support for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. The Palestinian Authority is the “only legitimate government of the Palestinian people,” she told a news conference, standing next to Abbas.

On Tuesday, Clinton met with Israeli leaders, including Prime Minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu. [read on]

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Israel keeps ban on foreign journalists in Gaza

Strange, why would they want to keep journalists out. They need to document what is happening, so the rest of the world can know what is going on inside Gaza. I hope they’re not trying to do the same thing China did when China was or still is preventing Foreign Journalists from entering into Tibet?

Israel keeps ban on foreign journalists in Gaza [read on]
Israel maintained its ban on foreign journalists entering the Gaza Strip Friday despite a recent Supreme Court order to allow a limited number of reporters to enter the territory.

The ban has been in place since a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas began to fray on Nov. 5. Israel eased the ban last month but tightened it again after launching its air offensive against Gaza’s Hamas rulers a week ago.

A legal challenge by the Foreign Press Association, which represents foreign media in Israel, prompted the court ruling this week to allow groups of up to 12 foreign journalists to cross the border whenever the Erez crossing between Israel and Gaza is open for humanitarian cases.

That was the case on Friday, when Israel opened the crossing to allow nearly 300 Palestinians with foreign passports to leave Gaza. But authorities defied the court order and kept reporters out.

“We call on the Israeli government to immediately honor the will of the court and allow foreign journalists access to Gaza,” the Foreign Press Association said in a statement. “The authorities’ position that there was not enough time to coordinate and allow the journalists to enter does not seem reasonable.”

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Israel lets Palestinians flee; UN warns of crisis

Crazy! I don’t see the logic in Israel continues destruction of the Palestinian infrastructure. Their military force is suppose to be the best in that region, so why don’t they go in and get the people they want instead of destroy every ones homes, schools and universities. Seems like it’s the same thing Hitler did in order to destroy any trace of the groups of people living in Germany and pushing them off onto small enclaves of land.

Doesn’t seem rational.

Israel lets Palestinians flee; UN warns of crisis [read on]
Jawaher Hajji, a 14-year-old U.S. citizen who was allowed to cross into Israel, said her uncle was one of them – killed while trying to pick up some medicine for her cancer-stricken father. She said her father later died of his illness.

“They are supposed to destroy just the Hamas, but people in their homes are dying too,” Hajji, who has relatives in Virginia, said at the Erez border crossing between Gaza and Israel.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice accused Hamas’ leaders of holding the people of Gaza hostage and said an end to violence would only be possible once Hamas stopped firing rockets into Israel. She said the United States continues to seek a “durable and sustainable” cease-fire.

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Free Palestine t-shirts. Show your support for Palestine with this free Palestine distressed art.

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