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Journalists Shouldn’t Be Defending Fox News

Typically, I used to watch all sources of news media [TV], and about six years ago watching Fox News, I had made a decision not to watch that channel because of their anchors type of “news” reporting, they became more personal rather than reporting the news, and it appears that they have only become worse since then.

I don’t really watch TV news, and get more of my news from reading it from journalism, or real news rather than an anchor who should be reporting the news over his personal opinions.  I’m not a reporter, but I do have opinions, so I like to give my opinion on what I read and how I feel about it.  That’s what my blogs are about.

News anchors are suppose to report the news as it is, not color it up or edit it in a biased way in order to favor one issue over another, that’s not journalism, and their suppose to keep their personal opinion to themselves when reporting the news.  Otherwise it’s just tabloid news, and if I wanted that I would watch tabloid news.

Why Journalists Shouldn’t Be Defending Fox News

The Obama administration’s recent characterization of Fox News is a long overdue acknowledgment of the obvious: Fox News is not a legitimate news organization — indeed, after many years of serving as the research and messaging wing of the Republican Party, it has now gone beyond even that, to become the electronic evangelist of an ultra-partisan and non-reality-based world view.

Historically speaking, White House criticism of the media has often been unseemly and defensive, with the president’s ire generally provoked by journalists who excel at their work — by asking cheeky questions, exposing important things that the president would prefer be kept secret, holding the powerful accountable and playing host to a vibrant and informed exchange of a wide range of political opinions.

But in this case, the critique is something else entirely. The litmus test is that the Obama White House is not upset at news gatherers for doing their job. What Obama and his aides are correctly pointing out is that the people working at Fox News are doing another job altogether.

The White House “attack” on Fox is being derided as bad politics, as ineffective and as a distraction from more important issues — all of which may be true. But doesn’t it kind of matter that, when it comes to the substance of what Anita Dunn, David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel, and now even Obama himself have said, they’re exactly right?

NBC May 2008; It doesn’t take a trained psychologist to observe that Bush got angrier and angrier as the Engel interview went on….

Bush typically sits down with interviewers from Fox News — or, more recently, Politico — where he can count on more than his share of ingratiating softballs. But Engel, a fluent Arabic speaker who has logged more time in Iraq than any other television correspondent, assertively confronted Bush with the ramifications of his actions in the Middle East.

For instance, Engel noted: “A lot of Iran’s empowerment is a result of the war in Iraq.” He questioned Bush about his lack of an exit strategy in Iraq: “So it doesn’t sound like there’s an end anytime soon.” He clearly upset Bush by saying that “on the ground,” the situation in Iraq “looks very bleak.” (Bush replied: “Well, that’s interesting you said that — that’s a little different from the surveys I’ve seen and a little different from the attitude of the actual Iraqis I’ve talked to, but you’re entitled to your opinion.”)

“The war on terrorism has been the centerpiece of your presidency. Many people say that it has not made the world safer, that it has created more radicals. That there are more people in this part of the world who want to attack the United States.”

[That’s an understatement!  I think Bush only went into Iraq because Saddam had threatened his father in 1992, and he wanted to get him back, meanwhile he lost all interest in the actual people (Bin Laden, and his Arab followers) who attacked during September  11th.  Has everyone forgotten what Bush did during that fateful date?  He didn’t bother calling the fighter jets, and instead he continued to read to the children because he alleges he “didn’t want to scare the children.”]


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Clueless ancien-régime conservatives trying hard to hang on to their traditional feudal system

This is a great article!  I know I’ve been seeing a lot of these social conservative do these things for the past 20 years which btw it’s bad for the Republican party.  The Republican party shouldn’t have allowed that kind of dogma to enter into it’s party because now I see the party as hypocritical, and since I don’t like being hypocritical, I left the party long ago.  I’m sure true republican’s will feel the same way, and I’m glad that finally some are speaking out, like McCains mother!

The party as it is right now is about sex, and what they can do to stop it, except when it comes to them and their personal issues!  Very strange indeed!

They Got Some ’Splainin’ to Do

AS political theater, the Sonia Sotomayor hearings tanked faster than the 2008 Fred Thompson presidential campaign. They boasted no drama to rival the Clarence-Anita slapdown, the Bork hissy fits or the tearful exodus of Samuel Alito’s wife. There was rarely a moment to match even the high point of the Senate’s previous grilling of Sotomayor — in 1997, when she was elevated to the Second Circuit. It was then that Senator John Ashcroft of Missouri previewed the brand of white male legal wisdom that would soon become his hallmark at the Bush Justice Department. “Do you believe there’s a constitutional right to homosexual conduct by prisoners?” he asked. (She aced it: “No, sir.”)

Yet the Sotomayor show was still rich in historical significance. Someday we may regard it as we do those final, frozen tableaus of Pompeii. It offered a vivid snapshot of what Washington looked like when clueless ancien-régime conservatives were feebly clinging to their last levers of power, blissfully oblivious to the new America that was crashing down on their heads and reducing their antics to a sideshow as ridiculous as it was obsolescent.

[Read the full “They Got Some ‘Splainin’ to Do]

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Adultery, Sex and the RNC GOP- Social Conservatives Infatuation with Sex

Another Republican Senator had an Affair!  It’s always those who point the finger and interfere with other peoples personal lives who are doing just what they are saying we can’t do.  They complain about OUR sex lives, which btw, is perfectly normal, yet here these social conservatives are telling us we should not being doing these things, yet they’re ALL  doing it themselves!

This reminds me of the ministers in my own church who preached against adultery, infidelity, homosexuality and any other word with the phrase that has anything to do with the word Sex!  OMG!  Sex!  OMG! …….  Guess what, these people were having sex with each other’s wives, not to mention other church leaders stealing from the donations, so they can buy new cars and homes when the church itself needed a new building.

Is sex the only word in these social conservatives vocabulary, or is it just when they don’t like other people having sex?

Wife of ex-GOP Rep. Pickering claims he had affair

The estranged wife of former U.S. Rep. Chip Pickering claims in a lawsuit that the Mississippi Republican had an affair that ruined their marriage and derailed his political career.

Leisha Pickering said in the lawsuit filed this week that her husband and the woman dated in college, reconnected and began having an affair while he was in Congress and living in a building where several Christian lawmakers reside on C Street near the U.S. Capitol. Chip Pickering is the third Republican with ties to the building at 133 C Street SE to find his personal life making headlines in recent weeks, after Nevada U.S. Sen. John Ensign and South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford.

Leisha Pickering is seeking unspecified damages in the alienation of affection lawsuit she filed this week against Elizabeth Creekmore Byrd of Jackson. The Pickerings filed for divorce in June 2008, but it is not complete.

Chip Pickering, 45, was elected to Congress in 1996, retired in January and is now a lobbyist in Washington for Cellular South, the company Creekmore Byrd’s family owns. The lawsuit does not say when the affair started.

He said in a statement Thursday that his marriage is irreparably damaged.

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The Great Exodus of the GOP

A lot of people left the party because they focused to much on peoples personal lives!  Social issues don’t have a part in the political party, this is American, and everyone has a different opinion on their own “moral” issues.  My morals are different than your morals, and just because mine are different than yours doesn’t make your morals better than mine, it’s just ridiculous!

If you want to worry about morals then go to your own religious background and practice it there, it shouldn’t be brought into the political parties.  I’m sad to see the GOPers do this to the Republican party because it’s NOT the party Lincoln founded.

I agree, with McCain’s mother and many others; in that people like Rush don’t represent the Republican party views.  Republican’s started adopting religious views in the 80’s, from my experience, and that’s why a lot of people left the party.  This is America, you can’t have a Party favoring one religion and ignoring the others in it’s stead, and that’s why, we, America have a time honored tradition of “Separation of Church and State” which the neo GOPers totally ignored. 

When they say “conservatism” they are speaking about “fiscal” conservatism NOT your religious “conservatism.” 
Keep your own religion to yourself, people shouldn’t be forced to abide by one religious doctrine, if other’s have an  interest in your particular brand, then they will ask you.

Caruso-Cabrera: Tweak Your Platform, GOP
More evidence of what’s wrong with the Republican party emerged this week with the Mark Sanford scandal. If you haven’t heard, the governor of South Carolina disappeared to who knows where this past week. (Now he says he was not on the Appalachian Trail but in Argentina.) He didn’t tell his wife or his staff, which has lead to all kinds of speculation that he is A: Having an affair; B: Having a nervous breakdown.

If the answer is A, you can add it to the long list of hypocritical actions by self-righteous Republicans. Insert here Senator John Ensign recently having to apologize for an affair.

The Republican Party insists that “American values” must be a core part of the platform. Their values of course; and yet values that many of them don’t adhere to. There are few crimes greater in America than hypocrisy.

[Read more about tweaking your platform]

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They’re Already Here!

People in Guantanamo were brought there by American’s.  Guantanamo hangs the American flag, so it is already American, silly!  They are closing it because the previous administration has used it for a place of torture which has stigmatized America’s democratic patriotism, and when that happens those places are typically disbanded or vacated and no longer used.

Aside form that, American laws tells us that people are innocent until proven guilty, last time I checked.  Many of the people who the Bush administration claimed were “terrorist” were in fact NOT terrorists.  If they are closing the place they need to provide another place to have a trial.  If they committed no crimes then they should be released.  These GOP’ers should already know that.

BTW, religious fanaticism is already here, so the terrorism isn’t just from over seas or people being held in Guantanamo.  We’ve had fanatics commit crimes against groups of people in America who are American, and those crimes have been committed for dogmatic views.  Jim Jones, Timothy McVeigh, Branch Davidian, KKK, and I’m sure there are more of these kinds of fanatical terrorists lurking around here in America.

Bohner and his GTMO bill is okay with me, but it needs to be more thorough, and it should include any terrorist who targets any other American as well, not just foreign terrorists.

“Keep Terrorists Out Of America Act” Announced By GOP

The GOP clearly sees a chink in the Obama armor when it comes to the closure of Guantanamo Bay. A jarring new advertisement on the subject released by Senate Republicans, followed by a floor speech whacking the president from Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, led, on Thursday, to its inevitable conclusion.

The office of House Minority Leader John Boehner sends over word that the Ohio Republican and GOP ranking members are “introducing a big GTMO bill today designed to stop the transfer or release of these detainees into the U.S.”

Titled the “Keep Terrorists Out of America Act,” the legislation would give members of Congress “an opportunity to stand with the American people by affirming their opposition to releasing the terrorists at Guantanamo prison or bringing them into the United States.”

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We’re 30 years behind for a Hi-Speed Rails System; What’s nexted?

Those conservatives are holding back America, again!

America is about 30 years behind for a high-speed rail system in the US, and a few corporations don’t want that to happen.  Some of those corporations bought out the Los Angeles railway system [underground] then closed them off, so they are not even accessible.

Now they are holding back on green energy by preventing Obama from doing what he was voted in to do and as a result China is leading the way.  American’s are losing jobs, and American companies continue to make things in China instead of at home in America.  Walk into a store and look at the product and see where it is being made.  What ever happened to the alleged “patriotism” they speak about?  “Buy American?”

American’s can be making these wind turbines, but China is making them, and who will purchase them from China?  We don’t have to buy everything “made in America,” but we don’t have to buy everything “made in China” either.  Just walk into Wal-Mart or PetsMart and just about everything is made in China.

We Must Seize the Energy Opportunity or Slip Further Behind

China’s leaders are investing $12.6 million every hour to green their economy. Other countries are equally energetic in their embrace of alternative energy technologies; they are setting targets and investing billions of dollars to spur the development of entirely new markets in wind, solar, geothermal, biofuels, energy efficiency, high-speed rail, and other clean and innovative solutions to global warming.

The United States, too, is poised to transform its economy to create millions of new jobs and help create a cleaner, safer planet by investing in a green, renewable-energy based economy. The Obama administration wants to unleash the ingenuity of our private sector to rein in pollution and put millions of Americans back to work. Yet China is spending twice as much as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act spends to lay the foundations for a green energy economy, despite the U.S. economy being 1.5 times as large as China’s. And across Europe and Asia, other governments have diversified their energy portfolios and encouraged entrepreneurs to start and expand clean and renewable energy companies.

organically grown organic women’s fitted t-shirt

Made in the USA, by American Apparel

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Jindal calls stimulus ‘irresponsible’ in GOP response

Those GOP’ers make me laugh! What is this new word for them to weir out? All they are waiting for is for Obama to fail, but he can’t fail if America supports and calls for his work, and that is what the majority of American’s are doing. These GOP’ers lost a lot because they continued to support Bush’s work even when American’s didn’t want that, but they went along because of special interest groups who continued to support the Bush Administration at the expense of America’s economy. Hey those CEO’s made out very well, but any one would after pilfering their companies and squandering taxpayer dollars.

Taxpayer dollars are there to help the country, not special interest groups that don’t give a damn about America as a whole. It’s not their for squandering just so you can blow a country to pieces, or us tax dollars to buy services from Halliburton that doesn’t work either. The stimulus is there to help America’s needs, not Halliburton, foreign Oil barons, and their friends!

Bush gave the bankers billions of taxpayer dollars for their failures of mismanagement, yet the GOP’ers didn’t complain very much about that nor did they call it “irresponsible.” Where is that money today, and why aren’t these same GOP’ers pushing the banking industry or wall street on where that money is, and what are they going to do to help the American people? I know Citigroup has purchased Wamu, so they can’t be doing all that bad if they can purchase another company, did they get taxpayer dollars? AIG can’t be bad off if they can throw wild parties for their top sales executive for bringing in good profits, do they need taxpayer dollars? Why aren’t these GOP’ers calling for an investigation on what happened to the taxpayer dollars that Bush gave to these corporations?

No, instead these GOP’ers want to complain and whine about a stimulus package that should put or help your every day American get back to work and better support the American economy rather than support the banking industry. It should help fix the pot holes across this country or fix the dilapidated school system, so we can have educated American’s, instead of American companies hiring foreigners because American’s are to uneducated, and while all that is taking place American’s will start working again. Crazy GOP’ers! Seems like these GOP’ers just want uneducated American’s, so they can’t rise above the social underclass some of them can’t live without?

BTW, nothing is free!  I’m tired of these GOP’ers who complain about taxes, yet utilize our streets, our parks, trash pickup, fire department, police departments, water sources and the multitude of other sources that they themselves utilize.  They act like they’re the representatives for a tax-free nation, yet Bush spent billions of taxpayer surpluses that should have been invested into America’s economy, not pilfered, and create a trillion dollar deficits.  Who do those GOP’ers think have to pay for that deficit?  The better management plan would be to pay it now, not later, credit accrues interest!  Oh! These people who say that the government can’t give unless it first takes from some one else, that may be true, but the last time I heard everyone is susceptible to paying taxes, unless your hiding it some where, and everyone utilizes the countries resources in one way or another.

You complain about congested roads, but you don’t want to pay your local taxes, so those roads can be widened?  Your no better than anyone else!

Jindal calls stimulus ‘irresponsible’ in GOP response

Tapped by the Republican party to deliver the GOP’s response to President Barack Obama’s congressional address Tuesday night, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal took on the massive stimulus package and big government — and pledged that his party would regain the nation’s trust.
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal gives the GOP response to President Obama’s address Tuesday.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal gives the GOP response to President Obama’s address Tuesday.

“In the end, it comes down to an honest and fundamental disagreement about the proper role of government,” Jindal said. “We oppose the national Democratic view that says the way to strengthen our country is to increase dependence on government. We believe the way to strengthen our country is to restrain spending in Washington, to empower individuals and small businesses to grow our economy and create jobs.

“In recent years, these distinctions in philosophy became less clear — our party got away from its principles. Tonight, on behalf of our leaders in Congress and my fellow Republican governors, I say this: Our party is determined to regain your trust,” Jindal said.

Obama, in his first speech to a joint session of Congress, largely focused on the $787 stimulus and thanked Congress for passing his economic recovery package, which he said will save or create 3.5 million jobs and give a tax cut to 95 percent of working families.

Obama’s address came two days before he plans to submit his budget summary to Congress. [read more]

Imagine No Religion with a Peace symbol. Religion seems to have a lot of blood and killing connected to its book. The bible even authorizes its followers to kill. Imagine that...

Imagine No Religion with a Peace symbol. Religion seems to have a lot of blood and killing connected to it's book. The bible even authorizes it's followers to kill. Imagine that...

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