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Climate Change Policies Are Good For the Economy

Climate deniers are afraid that people will lose jobs, but I don’t feel that to be true.  When a nation gets together to do something they create jobs and invent new things for the better of the country.  New jobs will also be created for greener energy, and companies don’t want to change because their CEO’s will lose money in their pockets, it’s these people who are funding research that has no scientific bases to their theories with regard to climate change.  They won’t lose money if they change the way they do things.

They dispute the evidence we have to prove climate change, but they bring nothing to the table to prove otherwise. 

The Economic Case for Slashing Carbon Emissions

The climate change news from Washington is cautiously encouraging. No one in power is listening to the climate skeptics any more; the economic stimulus package included real money for clean energy; a bill capping U.S. carbon emissions emerged, battered but still standing, from the House of Representatives, and might even survive the Senate. This, along with stricter emission standards in Europe and a big push for clean energy and efficiency standards in China, provides grounds for hope for genuine progress on emissions reduction.

But while climate policy is finally moving forward, climate science is moving faster. One discovery after another suggests the world is warming faster, and climate damages are appearing sooner, than anyone had expected. Much of the policy discussion so far has been aimed at keeping the atmospheric concentration of CO2 below 450 parts per million (ppm) – which was until recently thought to be low enough to prevent dangerous levels of warming. But last year, James Hansen, NASA’s top climate scientist, argued that paleoclimatic evidence shows 450 ppm is the threshold for transition to an ice-free earth. This would imply a catastrophic rise in sea levels, eventually flooding all coastal cities and regions.

The outliers are the handful of private consultant studies funded by partisan lobbying groups such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Manufacturers. Using proprietary models (or their own adaptations of standard models), and pessimistic economic assumptions, these studies forecast that even mild U.S. proposals, such as last year’s Lieberman-Warner bill, would cost many thousands of dollars per household and would cause widespread unemployment and economic dislocation. An analysis by journalist Eric Pooley documents the excessive, often uncritical attention given to these studies by the media.


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Progressive thinking has been around for a long time. Open your mind.

Eastern thought or medicine is not a “new age” thing. 

It’s an ancient belief and practice.  Not sure who started saying that eastern medicine is a new age thing or that Buddhism is a “new age” spiritual practice, both of which are much older than western medicine or religions that are not ancient.

Healing & Spirituality | Buddhism and molecular physics intertwine

……  The idea of structural theory is similar to the Buddhist notion of all events and objects beings linked to each other,” he said.

Giving an interesting twist to conventional religious doctrine, Geshe Nyma said that “contradictions in scientific theory, much like debate in philosophy is always welcome in the scheme of Buddhism, since it encourages thought and therefore progress.”

Though Quantum Physics might apparently have little to do with Buddhist philosophy, the monk explained by saying that “the idea that things like time and space as not fixed, absolute has moved it to the realm of philosophical thinking.” Moving on to molecular physics, Geshe Nyma noted that “some Daribazaron of the earliest Buddhist scriptures had theorised on the atomic structure of matter, which had then branched off into the idea of existence and nothingness at later times.”

Delving into psychology, the Buddhist scholar observed that “while modern psychology and neuro-science has established the fact that the human mind works at multiple levels – the conscious, the subconscious and the unconscious, the idea toes the line with the Buddhist notion of chitta and siddha, that of the conscious mind and the ‘settled’ mind that may be roused through meditative practices.”

[Read the full article of Buddhism and molecular physics intertwine]

Bodhicitta Organic T-Shirt

Bodhicitta is the awakened heart or awakened mind and works for the good of all beings as if it were his own. The wish to attain enlightenment for the benefit of all sentient beings.

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Science Connects to Buddha Nature and Inner Consciousness

Everyone should learn the basic concepts of science and evolve with it. I’ve always loved science because it’s connected to everything around us, the trees, the birds, the insects to the foods we eat!  The world is an amazing place! Having a degree in science, and coming from a family of Buddhists for many generations, I can understand the Dalai Lama’s interest and excitement in science, I’m still evolving.   I agree, totally love Dhondup’s question, because my knowledge and understanding of science has helped me to understand Buddhism better, though I still have a lot more to learn about Buddhist teachings into consciousness, my inner being.

Wouldn’t mind taking the course myself, so I hope the scientists eventually bring the Buddhist science teaching model home to America, so we can educate ourselves here to.

Teaching the Dalai Lama’s Monks: Better Religion Through Science

Do bacteria require light?” Tashi, one of my best students, wants to know. He sits there in Dharamsala, India, like his Buddhist monk colleagues, cross-legged on the floor in maroon robes, six hours a day learning science from a tall white Jewish guy from North Carolina.

Religion often has a hard time of it, especially among academics, and especially among scientists. Of course academics have no problem studying religion and raising big money to establish endowed chairs, centers, and institutes devoted to just that. But when actually being religious or even discussing personal beliefs or spirituality at all, is rare and, if anything, discouraged. To me this is an odd and disturbing social conundrum: let’s take our best thinkers and idea-people, theorizers, and policy developers and eradicate any discussion of personal belief, religion, or spirituality from their official discourse. Brilliant.

So, it’s refreshing to be part of a project, an experiment really, in which academics are actively engaging religious tradition and belief. Even better, and ironically, this engagement is driven by scientists; the very folks many blame for hammering personal belief out of intellectual conversation in the West in the first place.

[read the full article on Better Religion Through Science]


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Bring America Out of the Dark Ages!

Finally!  Hopefully this will bring America OUT of the Dark Ages!

Love this quote:  “We have watched as scientific integrity has been undermined and
scientific research politicized in an effort to advance predetermined
ideological agendas”
  – Barack Obama

We’re at least 30 years behind!  Can you believe that?  Many American’s made so many inventions, but left to build them in other countries because for some reason American’s became so fearful of Science and Progress!  Finally, an inteligetn thinker in the White House, once again… 

Though, one problem, the GOP’ers keep holding back in congress, not because it’s the right thing to do, but because they are GOP’ers!  That’s it, just GOP’ers. 

Hopefully, these new democrats can keep pushing forward in progress and bring us back out of this dark age some have brought upon us all…

Obama’s Unprecedented Commitment to Science

[Adapted from my piece originally published at Red, Green, and Blue] In a recent announcement, President Barack Obama reiterated his administration’s focus on science by promising a new level of commitment—one that would have the same intensity and urgency as that which put Americans on the moon—and stressing that “the days of science taking a back seat to ideology are over.”

“We have watched as scientific integrity has been undermined and scientific research politicized in an effort to advance predetermined ideological agendas,” said Mr. Obama.

Speaking at the 146th National Academy of Science annual meeting in Washington, D.C., Mr. Obama pledged to raise spending on research and development to more than three percent of the nation’s gross domestic product, an increase of approximately $46 billion annually. “This represents the largest commitment to scientific research and innovation in American history,” said the President.

The federal share of the proposed increase on scientific research and development is in the ballpark of $15 billion — $15 billion that is no easy sell in today’s tough economic climate.

“We have finally closed the books on the Bush era of climate denial once and for all,” said Carl Pope, Executive Director of the Sierra Club, in a Tuesday statement. “Science is allowed to lead and agencies like the Department of Interior and the Environmental Protection Agency are once again in the business of protecting the public and our planet,” Pope said in advance of President Obama’s 100th day in office on April 30.

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