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We’re 30 years behind for a Hi-Speed Rails System; What’s nexted?

Those conservatives are holding back America, again!

America is about 30 years behind for a high-speed rail system in the US, and a few corporations don’t want that to happen.  Some of those corporations bought out the Los Angeles railway system [underground] then closed them off, so they are not even accessible.

Now they are holding back on green energy by preventing Obama from doing what he was voted in to do and as a result China is leading the way.  American’s are losing jobs, and American companies continue to make things in China instead of at home in America.  Walk into a store and look at the product and see where it is being made.  What ever happened to the alleged “patriotism” they speak about?  “Buy American?”

American’s can be making these wind turbines, but China is making them, and who will purchase them from China?  We don’t have to buy everything “made in America,” but we don’t have to buy everything “made in China” either.  Just walk into Wal-Mart or PetsMart and just about everything is made in China.

We Must Seize the Energy Opportunity or Slip Further Behind

China’s leaders are investing $12.6 million every hour to green their economy. Other countries are equally energetic in their embrace of alternative energy technologies; they are setting targets and investing billions of dollars to spur the development of entirely new markets in wind, solar, geothermal, biofuels, energy efficiency, high-speed rail, and other clean and innovative solutions to global warming.

The United States, too, is poised to transform its economy to create millions of new jobs and help create a cleaner, safer planet by investing in a green, renewable-energy based economy. The Obama administration wants to unleash the ingenuity of our private sector to rein in pollution and put millions of Americans back to work. Yet China is spending twice as much as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act spends to lay the foundations for a green energy economy, despite the U.S. economy being 1.5 times as large as China’s. And across Europe and Asia, other governments have diversified their energy portfolios and encouraged entrepreneurs to start and expand clean and renewable energy companies.

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